You have to learn the rules.. Okay?

Yesterday we had quite a few visitors, so it was a full, fun filled day.  After I got off work, my girlfriend came by with her two beautiful girls and brother who I hadn’t seen, well, since their mum unfortunately passed away prematurely about 6 or 8 years ago (kept up with them on facebook).  Her son was shipped off to California to live with relatives and my girlfriend actually married my brothers best friend, but I digress.. another story for another day.  It was lovely to see them all and her eldest daughter got along great with Meggers.  My brother and his wife happened to be passing by and stopped in to visit, we chatted for a bit and then parted with big hugs, promising not to let so much time pass before we see each other again.

About a half hour later, my mum and her hubby came over for dinner.  I wish I could take credit for the scrumptious meal that was prepared, but hubby did all the work.  He made Rosemary chicken, Brocolli stuffed tomatoes, asparagus, carrots, and Meggers favorite, mashed potatoes.  We were all sitting at the dinner table chatting when mum and I noticed Meggers playing with Daisy, it was quite humorous.  Here’s how it went..

Meggers pushed Daisies bottom down and said  “SIT.. I’m going to teach you some lessons and you need to listen”  Daisy looked at Meggers as if she understood, tilting her head to the side, her ears adjusting to listen to what Meggers was about to say…

“Lesson one… No biting!”

“Lesson two.. No barking!”  Meggers moved over to the table where we were sat and Daisy turned her head to watch her.

“Lesson three.. no putting your feet like this”  Meggers put her hands on the table like a dog counter surfing would do.

“Lesson four.. no running”

“lesson five… no biting, it’s important one, you the student, I’m the teacher”.

Daisy was still sitting and hanging on to her every word.

“You have to learn the rules, Okay?  They’re very important, I’m going to teach you.” 

Meggers who can be a bit OCD repeated the rules a few times.  Mum and I were giggling at Meggers rules and how Daisy seemed to be listening. 

Finally, Meggers moved on to something else and Daisy made her way to the back garden, almost as if she were sulking.  I don’t know where Meggers gets it from, but she always makes me giggle.  Love her to pieces!

14 thoughts on “You have to learn the rules.. Okay?

  1. Dinner sounded nice! Your husband combined the two best vegetables on this Earth into one, pure genius.

    Finally learned how to register onto WordPress haha. Wanted to also mention your daughter is cute!

    Have a great day Kirsty.


  2. Love the rules!
    Sprite needs to work on her demeanor when addressing the dogs.
    “Blue, go way!”
    “Airee, no, sit!”
    I think they’ll start listening to her when she says please.


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