Move over Gordon Ramsey…

5 Minutes for Special Needs

… there’s a new Chef in town.  Much like her cousin Cam and Gordon Ramsey (ok maybe Sponge Bob is more like it), Chef is one of the things Meggers wants to be when she grows up.  So, for her sixth birthday she’s having a Chef Party!   We’ve planned something at one of the local pizza huts where they’ll get to make their own personal pan pizzas, should be lots of fun.   Here are some fun pictures we took, we picked the last one for her invitations.




14 thoughts on “Move over Gordon Ramsey…

  1. These shots are awesome!

    She’s much cuter than Gordon and I bet her language is a lot better too! 🙂

    Guess what, I just noticed your blog is not on my blogroll and must not have gotten moved over when I moved. So I added you…I might have added you twice, actually….but your there again.


  2. What a great idea! I love the hat (or whatever the proper name is for it). Sounds like her birthday is going to be a blast.


  3. OMG! Why didn’t you tell us about this earlier??? All Noah gets for his party is a water balloon fight in 100 degree weather. Maaa-aaan.

    It is a great idea, though. Now I can’t wait til May for Tessa’s party. lol. And super great pix of Meggers. =)


  4. What a fun party idea! She is adorable in her chef’s hat. I taught a baking cluster at Diva’s school last year for 12 little chefs. They had a blast – so did I :0)


  5. Awww thanks ladies ~Gush~. She’s so excited about her party. We’re going with the Ratatouille Theme and I think I went a tad overboard with the balloon guy/face painting, but she’s worth it!


  6. That is going to be a fun party! I love the photos and that her cookware, apron and chef’s hat are color coordinated. Adorable.


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