YAY! I Won An Award!!!

So, I’ve been secretly admiring the awards I see on fellow bloggers sites, you know the ones… “Your Blog Makes Me Smile”, “Must See Blog”, “Sharing The Love”, etc… Well, I finally got one. YAY!  My sister over at If I Could Escape… gave me an award for a post I did a couple of days ago called Over and Out.  Check it out below, I shall wear it proudly on my blog..lol

The rules are simple, I have to pass it on to 5 other bloggers that make me smile daily and they must pass it on and so on.    So, (I say so a lot) I thought I’d start off with the the first blog I became addicted to….

 Jen over at Sprites Keeper she’s very witty and her posts are always a good read.

Steph over at The Panic Room 

Wenders over at Notes From The Sleep Deprived

Sammanthia over at The Edge of Insanity

Last but not least BoondockRamblings

Enjoy ladies and thanks for making me smile! 🙂

6 thoughts on “YAY! I Won An Award!!!

  1. I’m blushing… thank you, it’s my first award EVAH!
    And you always make me smile with your humor, sincerity, and honesty.
    I’ll have to post the picture later, my whiny 9 year old is nagging me to get off the computer. “It’s MY turn!” he tells me.


  2. O MY GOD!! I’m so cheesin right now. I can’t believe I won an award! You sure know how to turn a girl’s day around!

    If I would have gotten it first I *so* would have given it to you!


  3. Omigosh! (Fumbling..)
    Where’s my acceptance speech?
    Um, (sniffle), is this thing on? (Tap, tap)
    I’d like to say it was an honor just being nominated..(Gulp)
    Sorry, I’m just so shocked and humbled..
    Thank you, Kirst, the Academy, all the other bloggers out there, EVERYONE deserves this award and I accept mine on behalf of everyone! It’s yours too!Just visit my site and you can spend some time with it too.


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