I'm feeling the love and loving the bling

PhotobucketOh my goodness, what a pleasant and welcomed surprise this morning from Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper who bestowed on me another piece of bling for my blog, I’m sooo feeling the love right now.   Thank You Jen you made my day! 

On a serious note I would like to say a big Thank you, as I do love the wonderful, ego boosting comments that my readers leave for me and sometimes it’s just nice to know your not the only “cuckoo for cocoa puffs” mom out there (you owe me one General Mills).  So on that note, according to the rules below,  I must go forth and share the love by bestowing the bling upon seven other “Brillante” blogs.

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated.
And the nominees for “Brillante Weblog” are…
1.  Katheryn, for her wonderful and entertaining blog  about her life with three beautiful boys entitled Seeking Sanity, she makes motherhood look so easy.
2.  My sister Karen over at If I could Escape, who you can thank (or maybe not?) for me being here.  My blood shot eyes and lack of sleep from my new found blogging addiction are all thanks to her. 
3.  Sammanthia, who’s posts entitled Eve’s Legacy and Eau De Toilette hooked me line and sinker to her blog The Edge of Insanity.  She’s definitely original and very funny!
4.  Debbie, for her heartwarming blog Three Weddings about raising “three little weddings and down syndrome”.  Very sweet blog and her sister makes some kick @ss jewelry check it out.
5.  Steph for her very open, honest, and humorous writings about her journey with Agoraphobia over at The panic Room.   A subject that hits home for me (no pun intended, you know I think your magnificent Steph).
6.  Frogs Mom at 4 Green and Speckled Frogs, doesn’t the title just make you want to click on it?  Such a cute little blog about one little frog’s journey with Autism.  I have to say little frog has an awesome sister, rightly named, Diva Frog who just made her little brother an awesome book entitled “Dog’s Adventure” for his birthday, very creative.
7.   Elsie Button over at Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes for her cute stories about little Betty who sounds as cute as a button (again with the puns! Sorry!).  Loved her posts Peachy Cheese and Forbiden Fruit.
Really you should just click around my blogroll all of the blogs I have listed are entertaining in some way or another and as soon as I figure out how to create an award they’ll all have one ~grin~.

12 thoughts on “I'm feeling the love and loving the bling

  1. Oh thank you so much!!!! Yay, it really cheered me up Kirsty!
    So I can bestow this beautiful badge of bling to seven other blogs? Excellent! 🙂


  2. Thanks Kristy! I got your message as an e-mail on my phone today – just before I had to go into a weird and a bit surreal meeting with a couple of very nice police detectives. It was a very nice surprise :0)


  3. No internet stalking around here. I am a business owner who had the unfortunate experience of having to fire an employee for cause a few years ago. Fortunatly we caught on before the cause rose to the level of a crime. Her next employer was not so lucky.


  4. So sorry I’m late in accepting my award. I always seem to be fashionably late (and then some) to everything! I have no excuse but I spent too much time playing yesterday and just didn’t get around to blogging much! Thank you for the kind words and the “linky love” to my sister as well! Why is it when you get up early to get caught up on blogging EVERYONE gets up too. Gotta go let the dog out and get Peanut out of bed, but hope to be back later this morning to catch up on your other posts!


  5. Hi Kirsty,

    What a beautiful little girl you have! I’m typically what I think you call a “lurker” in the blogging world. I read but am not usually a commenter! I really didn’t know much about blogging until my sister Debbie at Three Weddings started hers. I wanted to thank you for mentioning my jewelry in your blog! I think Debbie has mentioned to you that our brother has epilepsy. Sometimes I think of it as the “forgotten” cause. I see a lot of awareness info about DS, autism, breast cancer, etc but not so much about epilepsy. You have motivated me to design something for epilepsy awareness in honor of my brother and all who deal with epilepsy every day. If you’re interested I would love any input that you might have on what you like. You can reach me at beaddazzlejewelry@gmail.com


  6. I prefer a lurker to a stalker..lol I completely agree with you about Epilepsy being the “forgotten” cause. I’m excited you’re going to design something, let me think about it and I’ll email you.



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