Aaaaahhh I'm going to pull my hair out…

Getting a dog was a very cute idea, but now I feel as though I have two kids.  If I’m not correcting Daisy, I’m telling Meggers to stop teasing her.  I have enlisted two reinforcements to help me with my problem: The Water Spritzer AKA The Bite Terminator and The Time Out Chair AKA “If I have to tell you one more time..”   

Meggers and Daisy have a love/hate relationship.  They spend all day trying to get each other into trouble, then by night time they’re all curled up, next to each other, sleeping soundly.

Meggers day is usually spent playing in her room or in the back yard with Daisy not far behind.  Every so often I’ll hear Meggers high pitch screeeetching at Daisy because she’s chewing something or nipping at her heels.   Then two seconds later I’ll see out of the corner of my eye, Meggers chasing daisy dangling the thing that she was screeetching about in front of her, sort of daring Daisy to take it.  I have found myself frazzled trying to spritz Daisy and tell Meggers “This is your last warning…” all at the same time. 

Oh and did I say hubby thinks it’s hilarious.  Oh yeah Mr. Dog Whisperer himself will make the sound tchh and snap his fingers, I think Daisy listens just because she knows it’ll make me wanna pull my hair out. 


What can I say?  They may drive me crazy sometimes, but they’re my kids and I love them.


12 thoughts on “Aaaaahhh I'm going to pull my hair out…

  1. I totally understand. I’m going through issues with Sprite teasing the dogs to get their attention and then shoving them away as soon as they come to her. She teases them endlessly. They will strike soon. Or pee on my floors.


  2. Sounds like life at my house with our crazy dog. Jonathan has started to see him as someone to chase around and giggle at. Puppy doesn’t so much enjoy that.

    I used to spritz him too. I think he chewed up the spritzer bottle….hmmm..

    What a cute photo!


  3. Just don’t go spritzing Meggers and putting Daisy in time-out.

    Wait a minute. That might actually work. I’m so getting a water gun (ummm. water cannon!).


  4. And that’s why we keep going back and forth in the great puppy debate. Several of Frog’s therapist have suggested a puppy for him. He tells us he likes dogs and he wants a dog, but when we are around dogs he is overwhelmed. Diva is still skiddish around them too. When Frog was little he used to lick my mom’s cat and bite her dog. I don’t know if we are ready yet.

    but Megger’s puppy is really cute – hope you still have some hair left by the time puppy/Megger training is done :0)


  5. They sure are cute together though. I’ve always said raising kids is a lot like raising a dog. I often hear myself telling one of my girls to sit!


  6. Hi Krist,

    You’ve been tagged for the 6 Unspectacular Quirks meme by 4-frogs. If you haven’t already done this and want to participate, you can get the “rules” at my site :0)


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