The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree.

Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper and I are pairing up to dual write on Fridays.  What’s that you say?  Umm… well, we’ve decided to find a common thread, ours being we have daughters, pick a topic and write our different takes on it.  Sounds cool right? Yeah, I thought so too. If you, our millions of readers, like what we’re doing we’ll post a topic weekly and host an open forum.  Bare with us while we iron out our wrinkles.  So here goes…… 


Can you believe our first topic actually gave me writers block.  (Gasp!) Yep, me who could spew more verbal diarrhea than Ann Coulter (please don’t send me hate comments it was just a joke). 


Today is Meggers sixth birthday and I can’t believe how time has just flown by.  I mean she’s six!  Just yesterday she was learning to crawl, talk, and throwing up on me. Sigh!  So, today I’m supposed to talk about what traits I think Meggers will inherit from hubby and I. Yikes!  You poor, poor child if you take after me your going to be a 6’1” neurotic, worry wart with no will power and big boobs and if you take after Daddy you’ll be 6’4” with an aversion to authority and a hot temper.  Oh lordy she’s screwed!  Happy Birthday Baby!



One thing’s for sure Meggers will definitely have height, hubby and I are both over six feet tall, look out America’s Next Top Model!  Maybe she’ll play basketball and become a female Michael Jordan?  I dig it!  I can see the pink high tops now. ~Grin~ Oh! Oh!  Maybe she’ll be another Gabrielle Reese or Mia Hamm that’d be cool.  Alright, stop thinking about your daughter’s fame and fortune and get back to the gene pool.


I think Meggers is a perfect blend of both hubby and I she has my blue eyes and lips, yet she has Hubby’s cheeky expressions and slender legs (something hubby used to be very sensitive about so we’ll move on).  Somehow my mum snuck her nose into the mix, which is good because I have a huge nose and hubby’s is pointed.   She’s overcome quite a few obstacles in her short life, my hubby would say she gets her strength from me and I would argue the opposite, in reality hubby and I are in awe of Meg and draw a lot of our strength from her. 


When it comes to shoes Meggers is gonna be S.O.L, she’s definitely fated to have big ol’ honkin’ feet, (yeah I went a little redneck on ya get over it).  Sasquatch and big foot are just a few of the names she can expect to hear.  Hubby has joked saying when we walk down the beach together people grab their torches, pitch forks and follow our tracks.  Cute shoes are not in her future.  So let’s see we’ve covered the physical attributes now on to why she’ll be going to therapy when she’s 30.



So far, Meggers has been a pretty easy going child!  As a matter of fact she’s been so good I fear the days of rebellion are getting closer and closer.  She’s been known to have some melt downs but to date my mother’s words “One day your going to have a child just like you”  aren’t coming into fruition, much to her dismay I’m sure.


Meggers has a great imagination which leads me to believe she’ll be creative.  She has a gentle spirit which tells me she’ll be kind.  She has a healthy thirst for learning new things, so I’m sure she’ll be one smart cookie.  She’s got a wildness about her that tells me she’ll not always go with the flow.  She’s persistent and this lets me know she’ll have determination and persevere in life.  Again hubby would argue she takes after me and I would argue the opposite, but one thing we can agree on is that we’re so proud of her she’s smart, funny, beautiful, and we wouldn’t change her for the world.  I can only hope we give her the tools she needs to be successful in life.   Without sounding to cliché, in the words of Lee Ann Womack, Meggers when it comes to life “I Hope You Dance”.  Over to you Jennifer…..




7 thoughts on “The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree.

  1. Happy Brithday, Meggers!
    Wonderful post, Kirst.
    All right, readers, let us know if you like this idea, we need feedback!


  2. I LOVE that song!!! What about writing about how Meg got her Dad’s chin? Hehe!

    Happy 6th Birthday Meghan, you little cutie pie you!

    Love, Auntie and da boyz


  3. Great idea!
    That was a cute post about Meggers… she’ll love to read it someday when she’s older!
    Happy Birthday Meggers (ummm… you do like Shetland ponies, right?)!


  4. Sprite – I agree give us the feedback, I lurve this idea!

    Kaz – I love that song too! she does have daddy’s chin it’s true.

    Sam – Thanks! I hope so. Remember what I told you if it ain’t stamped with Fisher Price or Mattell we don’t want


  5. Happy Birthday Meggers!!

    Kirst, I think this is a great idea! I’m glad y’all are doing it. Like Sam, I also wish I would have thought of it first. lol.


  6. That is a great song! Happy Birthday, Meghan!

    By the way, you can HAVE my camera. It is just a poopy little 7.2 Mega Pixel Sony Cyber-shot. I sooooo want a new one. I mean, this one is okay but there are so many things I can’t do with it. I want to be able to manually focus some pics. You know, blur the background and focus the foreground kinda stuff. Maybe I’ll ask santa. 😉


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