Birthday Party Drama!!!

Sooo I get a call from the Balloon Guy’s wife AKA The Face Painter who’s coming to Meggers Birthday Party tomorrow.  The conversation goes like this…

“Ummm Kirsten?”


“I didn’t call to early did I?”

“Nope I’m getting ready for work.  Who is this?”

“Oh I’m sorry, it’s …… I was calling because I was at …… yesterday and there was a lady who asked me if I’d be at Meghans party tomorrow as she was going to be taking the pictures.”

“Oh oh that’s Marcia she probably just got the days mixed up, I’ll give her a buzz.”

“Oh okay.. well then I called Pizza Hut because I was sure that you had said Sunday.”

“Yep that’s right Sunday at …..”.

“Well here’s the thing, they had no idea what I was talking about.”

“What do you mean?  Do you know who you talked with?” 

 Yeah can you see my face right now, completely freaking out I have 20 kids coming.

“Well they said they don’t open till noon and they don’t have anything scheduled.”

“OK I’ll take care of it, thanks for calling and well thank god you called to check, see ya tomorrow at ….” 


I got off the phone and started to panic a little, first I checked the invites I sent out, because I’ve been known to write something completely different to what I’m thinking, nope I put the right date and time on there. PHEW!

Now I’m in a bit of a panic!  Hmmmm, well I’ll go to work and call them around 10AM and see what’s going on.  Of course I was pacing the office till 10AM (I’ve got 20 kids coming! Oh God I’ve got 20 kids coming!) called Pizza Hut and Balloon Guy’s Wife was right, the manager that I talked too never put it in the computer as a Birthday Party it was only put in as a tour.

You see Pizza Hut does birthday parties where they serve the pizza, but they also do tours for schools and Mother’s Club type things where the kids get to tour the place and make a personal pan pizza, what I did was combine the two.

So now everything is squared away for tomorrow and we’re all set, but thank god it’s a small town and the error was caught.  There’s definitely a little angel on my shoulder me thinks!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Party Drama!!!

  1. Yikes!

    Something like that happened to me with Diva’s 5th birthday party. We’d invited her pre-school classmates (15) who would come with parents and sibs in tow, and our family which put the count somewhere around 50. We invited everyone to our “new house” that we were scheduled to take possession of a few days earlier. I thought – big empty house, we are going to rip out carpet and re-paint walls anyways – perfect. Except we did not close escrow on time. I had 50 people set to show up to a house I did not own that we still occupied by the previous owners! I don’t think I remembered to put the “throw my daughter a birthday party” clause into the purchase and sales agreement :0) The party ended up at the Yacht Club- talk about your little princess!

    Glad to hear everything worked out. So glad you got the heads up! Hope Meggers has a wonderful time at her party.

    btw, thanks for the heads up on my site. Sorry about that, I thought I put that post back on edit. I’m playing with flickr to see if I can get a slide show embed in my post. Click on the little x in the corner.


  2. Oh my goodness, laughed at the “throw my daughters birthday party clause”, Meggers cousins make up for about 8 of the kids.

    If you figure out how to do the slide show lemme know I’d love to be able to do that.


    Wenders – me and my anxiety HELLO! lol I was SOOOO freakin’


  3. I’m reading through this thinking, Oh no! I hope this didn’t trigger a panic attack. So glad it worked out and you got it straightened out! Hope the party goes smoothly. It sounds like a lot of fun!


  4. I know can you imagine, you know me I was freaking out…lol Just called and confirmed with the other manager too who said she hadn’t written down that I was making the tour part of the birthday party. Geeez
    Note to self: Never assume everything’s taken care of always call and


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