Megger's Birthday 8/15

Meggers had a great birthday, her friend Kaya stayed over and they had lots of fun makin each other cry going to see Kung Fu Panda and munchin on popcorn.  Kaya gave Meggers a littlest pet shop pen complete with it’s own remote control mini car and a cute best friends necklace, you know the one with the heart divided into two halves with “Best” written on one and “Friends” on the other.  Very cute.!  Meg was so excited about being able to wake up with Kaya on her birthday.

“Mommy I think I know what I want for my birthday”  Meggers told me as she sleepily woke up her birthday morning.

“What’s that Meggers?”

“I want a baby sister and I’ll call her Lyla.”

Surprised and caught a little off guard..

“Oh!  Umm… oh, I don’t know about that Meggers, your best friend stayed over last night and we’ll have some Birthday Frech Toast how ’bout that?”

“Okay Mommy and maybe we get a baby sister later?”

“We’ll see Meg”

Geez, kids really want a lot for their birthdays now-a-days, the latest and greatest toy, a baby sister, whatever happened to books and barbies (hmmmm.. material for another post me  I have to say other than the above tall order, Meggers is pretty easy to please, well, right now anyway.

Later that morning Meggers friend Alexis came over and the three of them had fun pretending to be princesses and giggling on Meggers bed. 



 Then in the evening Meggers and I baked cupcakes as Hubby’s parents and my parents were coming over (they do this to avoid having to attend birthday parties full of screaming kids.  Very smart!  lol)



 It was definitely a fun day for Meggers!  Even Daisy didn’t want it to end.

10 thoughts on “Megger's Birthday 8/15

  1. I’d say you better get busy so she can have what she wants for her birthday. In fact, if you plan it right, you might be able to have it special delivery on her next birthday.

    It looks like she had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see the Pizza Hut pictures. =)


  2. What cuties! It looks like she had a lot of fun, but isn’t it nice that birthdays only come once a year! My kids have tried the “Half Birthday” on me, wanting to know if they’d get a present. It didn’t work.;)


  3. What? A baby sister…? Those aren’t expensive at all. You can get ’em pretty cheap nowdays, if you don’t count the loss of sleep, the big belly, the stretch marks, the throwing up, the anxiety, the…


    Not helping?


    Well, anyhow…happy belated birthday Meggers! May you get your birthday wish (if mommy and daddy are up to it).


  4. Well, Princess asked for a baby sister for 2 years, unfortunately what she got were 2 more baby brothers! But this year she is getting her baby sister and just around her B-day so I think I have satisfied her b-day requests until she turns 13 – dontcahthink?


  5. Happy be-lated birthday Meggers! Hope you had a great time.

    I’m trying to decide which is worse, being asked for a little sister or being asked for no more siblings. My oldest wanted to make sure we weren’t planning on having any more kids. She did add in, “Not that you look pregnant or anything.” Uh, gee, thanks.


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