I’m Going On A Blog Trip! Wanna Come?

Happy Birthday Mommy Community!  They turned 5 years old July 2008!  To celebrate they want to take you on a “Blog Trip” from Sept, 1 to 5, 2008.  What is a Blog Trip you ask?  It’s a cyber Road Trip! How cool is that!  

“The point of throwing this blog trip is so that we can travel in cyberspace, make a stop at another moms blog, visit and see what her life is like. For other mom bloggers to learn more about you and where you’re from, you’ll need to post a short “Intro” about you. It’s like a “Round Robin” – every participating mom blogger gets a chance to introduce themselves, share who they are, where they live and show off their city.”

Another opportunity to meet more moms, boost your traffic and get those ego stroking comments that we all love.  I’m in!

PRIZES! Did I mention there will be prizes? Mommy Community will be hosting lots of giveaways during the Blog Trip so be sure to make a pit stop there each day of your journey.  If you want to do a giveaway make sure you email them prior to the start date and they’ll post it on Mommy Community.

My Cars packed and ready to go! How about yours? 

If you’d like more info click HERE

5 thoughts on “I’m Going On A Blog Trip! Wanna Come?

  1. Yeah, suicidal tendencies is a whole nother suitcase! (Confession! I have never seen “Thelma and Louise”! Weird, right?)


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