You Better Work!

So Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper came up with the clever name “The Spin Cycle” for her Friday participation posts, where everyone gets a chance to write their spin on her Friday Topics.  Awesome name! Now, all you need is a button (check out N.W. Designs, I think she might do buttons!) Thanks for letting me test it out with ya!  So, the topic for this week is “work” or lack there

The first thing that came to mind when I read this weeks topic was an image of Ru Paul singing:
“work, turn to the left. work, now turn to the right. work, sashay shante”

So, I’ve decided to tackle my weight problem once again!  I didn’t think anyone would notice when I removed my weight challenge from my blog, but I was wrong.  Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper brought it up in a recent phone conversation “So what happened to your Weight Challenge?”

“Ooohh you noticed that?”  I fell off the Weight Wagon quite hard.  As a matter of fact, I was Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory “Augustus NO! Save some room for later!”  You know the part just before he falls in Wonka’s Chocolate River, where he’s scooping the chocolate out of the river  with his bare hands.

 I have no excuses for my weight, just a lack of will power and exercise.  Geez, to think I used to run 3 miles a day when I met my hubby.   The other day he came home from being away for a night and I ran towards him with my normal goofy smile to give him a great big hug and his face said it all.. HOLY CRAP!  Is she gonna jump on me?  He looked like he didn’t know where to run for cover. 

In my defense, lol Did I just say that?  I did play soccer this year and had a great time, playing along side my sister, and getting rough and unladylike competitive on the field with the other teams.  However, playing made me want to eat more, go figure!

So here’s a list of some things I’m going to “work” on over the next couple of months to try and get myself back in shape again…

1.  Cutting out the snacks and eating after 7PM that includes the chocolate binges and sending hubby out for late night snacks.

2.  Stop allowing people to sabotage my diet, my mum and my mother-in-law are good at this.

3.  Start getting myself in shape to run again!  I will have to start out by walk/running, because I’m carrying around the equivalent of about five adult size bowling balls,  which is how I started running before.

4.  Eat less carbs and starches.  This is the one that has proved most difficult in the past because I love Pasta & Bread.

5.  While I’m prepping myself for running again, try and work on a more calories out than in attitude. 

 Wish me luck!  I really need to make it work as my weight’s gotten a bit out of hand.  Which may mean I need to step away from the Laptop, get off my butt and exercise.  Ooooh but I’m sooo addicted to blogging and reading blogs, look for my next post on needing to go to Bloggy Rehab entitled “Try to Make Me Go To Rehab, I wont go, go, go”.  Alright enough with the songs!  I think I could think of one for every

10 thoughts on “You Better Work!

  1. Great spin! Loving this! You and Wicked Step Mom did two variations I never expected to see and they’re wonderful.
    I am sending you lots of virtual support on this. I thought you had a great idea back when you started it and I would love to see you Work It! (And now Ru Paul is in my head.)
    Love this post!


  2. Whew, girl – yes. I just had a baby 4 months ago, and I have some FAT issues to take care of too!

    Here’s to both of us getting back into our skinny jeans again!


  3. I’m with ya! I had a baby just 168 months ago ….. what?

    Once the weather gets cooler, I really do need to get to walking again because apparently it is just too much for someone to invent a button we could push to magically lose all the weight we want and get all toned instantly.


  4. Good luck! Why is it that the mothers are always saboteurs?! Mine too. Every time I decide to go on a diet, and if I don’t specifically tell her that I am, she out of the blue makes a big old pan of brownies for no reason! It’s like she has diet radar! 🙂


  5. Oh honey! If only I could do that – hubby, alebit the comments and jokes (he does them to piss me off) would hate for me to lose weight!!

    I used to be 98 pounds when we met and before I had Princess and he thinks I look “healthy” instead of sickly – well, he’s a latin man and he likes meat on his woman what can I say? Just not too much!!! I have to draw a line somewhere!

    (Am I making any sense? I didn’t think so either! LOL)


  6. Ha, ha your funny Kaz! Considering I’m taking Meg to the Annual Reindeer Run don’t think I’m gonna be running this We’re gonna participate in the kids walk with the bells. I’ll see where I’m at?? If things go well I might just run it with ya.

    Now the annual Epilepsy Walk/Run in DC, I really want to participate in that one. I’m thinking we may go in March to meet people, but 2010 baby I wanna run it for Meggers.

    Sprite – Thanks! Your Spin Cycle is a great idea.

    Sam – Thanks for the support. :o)

    HeathersPride – I gave up the skinny jeans years ago, but a smaller pair for

    Debbie – Sooo wishing I could push a Unfortunately I’m gonna have to get out there and walk

    DM – My mothers the first to tell me I’m a lard ass and then says here have a piece of this chocolate cake I made. Sigh!

    Krystal6 – Can I say jealous! I would love to weigh 98lbs wet, ok maybe not, after all I’m 6’1″ so that wouldn’t Your right latin Men do tend to like a little booty. RIght now I could totally ~wink~


  7. Go for it girl! You can do it! My mum’s just the same baking stuff and expecting me to eat it. I had a brainwave about the ‘I’m too busy blogging to be moving thing’. Have you thought about getting a toning machine? You could sit and write and have a tummy work out at the same time. Tried one once, and boy do they get those muscles tightening!!

    Good luck and best wishes…X


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