Gross Motor Ideas for Try It Tuesday

Try This Tuesday

While jumping came easy for many of Meggers friends, she struggled with this ability and at times would get very upset that she couldn’t do it.   Meggers fine and gross motor delays are largely related to the number of seizures she had during her first year and a half of life, not to mention the medications that she had to take to get them under control. 

Meggers has worked with a physical therapist since about 9 months of age, when we noticed she wasn’t hitting some of her milestones.  Today I thought I’d share some of the activities we’ve done with her to help her gross motor skills.

1.  Meggers LOVES the park, so we’d go for walks, feed the local ducks, and have her climb all the ladders and stair on the playground equipment.  We’d also go over to the football fields and have her climb up and down the bleachers.   Stairs are wonderful for gross motor skills!

2.  We’d make little obstacle courses in the house, she might have to crawl under something, step over another, walk a tight rope (pretend of course).  This was a fun activity for a rainy day. 

3.  We would also play shadows where Meggers would have to be our shadow and vice versa mimicking each others movements (Simon Says is also a good one).  Disclaimer: This activity may cause lots of giggles. ~Grin~

4.  Animal imitations was a great game too, slither like a snake, hop like a bunny, run like a cheetah, waddle like a duck.  You can usually find music that will have actions that they have to perform.

5.  Trampolines, balance beams, and wobble decks are also very good for gross motor skills.

6.  We’d practice kicking a ball with Meggers, both stationary and moving. 

We’re always on the look out for new games that can help with gross/fine motor skills and recently we found a great new website  The games are “inspired by Dr. Suess stories” and encourage kids to “get up and out of their seats—running, jumping, balancing, hopping, sliding, singing and laughing.”  Meggers recently got the “I can do that!” Game for her birthday and we have a blast with it.  Who doesn’t love Dr. Suess right?  Check ’em out we’ll definitely be purchasing more of these games in the future.  We also like Cranium’s Hullabaloo great for play dates with friends.

7 thoughts on “Gross Motor Ideas for Try It Tuesday

  1. this is awesome! Sneaky Monkey and Baby Boy have a PT eval for tomorrow. So to add on to the therapy they are going to get- I’ll definately use those ideas!


  2. I love Dr. Suess. I’ll have to remember this for when Frog gets a little better with imitation skills. Thanks for the link!


  3. That’s wonderful and great ideas!
    Sprite doesn’t really jump either, she more lunges upward on her tiptoes and her feet don’t leave the ground. I think I’ll try some of these with her.


  4. What a great list of ideas to use for motor skills. Many of them could be used with kids who have good motor skills but need encouragement to interact and communicate with others. 🙂


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