Magic Marker Monday

I love these two pictures Meg drew with her crayons of Me and Daddy.  Thought they’d be great for Magic Marker Monday, something that the ladies over at 5 Minutes For Special Needs started to showcase our children’s art.  Love It!!

11 thoughts on “Magic Marker Monday

  1. Thanks Krystal6! Feelin’ the love. :o)

    True dat Wenders, but then again I’m (trying to be cool with the kids lingo)

    DM – I hear you tats are for life that’s why I’ve never mustered up the courage to get one. I think Meggers was trying to say we’re really good at multi tasking with all those


  2. Wowza! I can totally tell those are people in those drawings! The teachers at Sprite’s school try to convince me that her singular line of green represents the firefighter that visited that day. And I naively hang it in my kitchen until the next symbolic “masterpiece” comes home.
    At least with Meggers, you can tell!


  3. Absolutely adorable! I just love the detail she included in the eyes and her ears are great! My little girl does fingers the same way — aren’t they just the cutest? 😉

    So glad you joined in — Happy MMM! 🙂

    ~ Michelle @ 5MFSN


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