Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting


Meggers decided that she’d like to try Karate, so I finally caved and took her on Thursday to check it out.  We got there a little early in the hopes that we’d get to chat with the Sensei before class began.   It was a small room with a large mirror that the kids enjoyed looking at themselves in, picking their noses, kicking, making silly faces.  Very Cute!  It looked and smelled like a dojo with bamboo floor boards and a teeny tiny little area where parents crammed themselves in like sardines in a tin to see their kids learning the fine art of Karate.

We found out one of Meggers friends goes to this particular Dojo and is a very cute, little, yellow belt.  Meggers was feeling a little shy and decided that she would like to sit and watch on our first visit.  The Sensai came in with his two assistants and the kids perked up, got into their stances and listened intently. 

Meggers was taking it all in as she made trips back and forth from the water cooler.  The kids were doing exercises and the sensai was using a lot of positive reinforcement to get the kids to do reverse punches and front kicks. 

I decided we should head out a few minutes before the class ended as I felt Meggers bottom errupt in my hand (thank god there was no noise and I didn’t want to stick around to find out if there was a scent).  I wasn’t sure how much of it she’d taken in till we got out in the parking lot.

“Do you think this is something you’d like to try Meg?”

“Uhh huh! They were twirling their arms and doing exercises mommy”

“If we come again next week will you participate?”

“Yes mommy I can do their exercises… (pause) Then I can show them MY exercises.”

Oh lordy! lol  “Meg you can show them before class but during class you have to follow their rules and directions honey.”

“can I get one of those outfits?”

“If you go more than two times and you like it, we can look into getting you the gear.”

“Okay mommy I think I like Karate.”

So,  I’m excited for her to try this next week.  The exercizes they were doing with the kids wouldfall right in line with Meggers Physical Therapy.  I can’t see this as being anything but positive for Meggers boosting her confidence and strengthening her muscles.   I hope it pans out next week, keeping my fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

  1. Karate sounds like loads of fun, I bet it was just as fun watching.

    Speaking of Olympics, when Karate’s included I’m sure we’d see Meggers competing in them!


  2. Karate is awesome for kids – I had Princess in Karate for almost 2 years until the Instructor got a promotion and moved to Jacksonville – the new one didn’t do too good of a job – was alot like a drill sargeant – and also Princess had gotten into her horrible habit of not wanting to eat so she would get sick and have headaches So much for all that equipment and gear!

    But honestly, it is great! The excercises will definately fit in with the PT regimen and give her lots of muscle strength and endurance. Good luck!!


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