Come On Let's Go….. It's Day One!

From the 1st through the 5th I’m going on a road trip with the girls over at Mommy Community.  Basically it’s a celebration of how long Mommy Community has been around.  To celebrate they’ve created this cyber road trip for you to learn more about your fellow bloggers so if you’re interested in learning a little about me, come on in, sit down to a cup of tea and have a we browse…

My names Kirsten, but I go by Kirst or Kirsty.  I’m married going on 9 years to a Witty lad from Jersey.  We have one daughter, Meggers who’s an amazing and beautiful girl.  Yep that’s me below being my goofy self.  My sister often wonders how I can blog with my ancient computer.  Note the antique monitor behind me in the picture or as my sister likes to call it my monitosaurus.  Don’t worry I have a laptop!


I was born in Kiel, Germany, my father was stationed at a Naval base near Kiel called Todendorf. 

We moved around a lot when we were kids, but the place that holds the fondest memories for me growing up is a little town called Whitby, North Yorkshire.  You might recognize the North Yorkshire Moors Railway if you’re a Harry Potter fan.

Or if you’re a fan of Bram Stroker’s Dracula, you might not know his inspiration for his story came from visiting Whitby and climbing the 99 steps that lead up to The Abbey.  The Abbey also happens to be where Simply Red shot there video “Holding Back The Years”).


I remember Whitby more for the long walks with my brothers and sister along the old railway, where we would pick and eat brambles.

And for the many long walks we took along the heather saturated moors climbing over the stiles, giggling about the rabbit and sheep poop.   Yes I said poop!  You have to remember we were kids. ~Grin~  The below picture is My brother, mom, sister, and Me in the rainbow sweater, ahhh gotta love the Early 80’s.

This next picture is me and my sister on a blustery day, that’s me on the left and my lovely sister on the right.

I also loved the beaches and the pier, surrounded by big beautiful cliffs and brightly colored chalets.

Awww… go on then, I’ll throw in another embarrassing picture for your amusement.  Yep that’s me, my mum would let me run around on the beach in my underwear (I may have coerced her by throwing a tantrum or two)

Whitby is a small town in North Yorkshire, but it’s full of history, the railway, the abbey, captain cook, cobbled streets, the swing bridge, fishing, etc… It’s the place where I have the most memories growing up and a town I’ll always hold dear in my heart.

One things for sure, no matter how many times we moved, my mum always made things fun for us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your trip, leave me a wee comment and check back for a little more info about me.  Oh and if you have time, check out my sisters Thursday Thirteen about Whitby.

9 thoughts on “Come On Let's Go….. It's Day One!

  1. Awwww, aces post Kirsty!!! Great photos, great memories! Makes me even more excited to go over at Chrimbo. Love that photo of you on the beach — not a lot’s changed. You still like to sunbathe topless!


  2. I really bet you do. lol

    This was fun! Sounds like you really had a great childhood and a great family. You’re really lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful and inspiring town. I’m sure that has a lot to do with why you’re so beautiful and inspiring! (I also know why you’re such a great mom! Um. I mean mum.)

    Thanks for sharing! Hugs!


  3. Here’s my wee comment: I loved this post! I could totally hear your accent thru the whole thing! LOVE the pictures and can’t wait for Day Two! Reelly grreat post, Kirsty. What Kaz said, reelly aces, lass!


  4. Awesome post! And all the cool scenery! I’ve always wanted to visit England, and this makes me want to go all the more!
    Great post, I can’t wait to see more!


  5. Monitosaurus – haha!

    The 99 steps look awesome, something I wouldn’t mind visiting when it leads to The Abbey! That’s an amazing sight [almost wrote site lol] to behold.


  6. I loved learning more about you!

    This was a great post and I loved the photos…especially the one of you in your underwear! 🙂

    I don’t have any of those…I’m sure….I don’t.

    Oh dear. I hope not!


  7. Don’t you miss the British weather Kirsty lol? Mind you, the sun was always shining during the school holidays back then. Lovely nostalgic post!


  8. I’m so jealous… I wanna be able to say “knackered” and “wonky” and not sound like an idiot.
    Loved the pictures, and I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I felt like I was on my way to Hogwarts.


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