While I was at work..

I came home from work and was greeted at the door by Meggers holding a picture she’d made all by herself of hubby’s mom, that she fondly calls Mom Mom’s.  

 Meggers was super proud of what she’d made and started to tell me all about her creation.

“It’s a picture of Mom mom’s and I did it all by myself Mommy (with a little cutting help from Daddy).  I Did her hair and her body and her stuffing.”  Stuffing?  I asked Meg

“Where did you get the stuffing from?”

“From your blanket Mommy.”

Apparently I have a little hole in my comforter curtesy of our new pup Daisy and that was used to make Mom mom’s stuffing…lol

3 thoughts on “While I was at work..

  1. The art work of Mom Mom’s is simply lovely. Meggers clearly worked hard on every aspect of it, and looking at the photo of her talking, I think I can hear her.

    Too funny about the stuffing!


  2. Oh, that is soooooo adorable! I’m just in love with the belly button, and the story about where she got the stuffing just makes the creation all the more priceless 😀

    Meggers is a talent too big for words! 🙂

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN


  3. Melody – I was really impressed she put it all together by herself and I could see how proud she was of herself in the way she told narrated each step of the creation.

    Child – Thanks! The stuffing was a bit of a shock..lol


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