It's My Party….. Day Two of my Blog Trip!


Okay, so it’s not my party and I know these post are supposed to be about me over the next couple of days.  However, today is my sista’s birthday so I thought I’d take a few minutes to embarass her tell you a little about us.

My sister’s world came crashing down around her when I was born.  At first she was excited about me but the dominos began to fall when she found out my mum hadn’t called me Jennifer, the name she had oh so carefully picked for me and the fact that her once big room now had to be shared with a crib.  Nahh not really, I know she loves me regardless of how many of my barbies hair she butchered.

My sis and I are four years apart, when we were kids my mum would make my sister drag me along with her where ever she went and I never made the trek easy for her.  She would be hanging out with her friends trying to have those grown up, cool, teen conversations and I’d bust into a split or throw a tantrum causing her great embarrassment.  Then there was that case of the knitting needle I threw at her when she wouldn’t play barbies, I swear I didn’t mean for it to stick it’s landing, right in her knee. Ouch!  Oh and she would never let me forget the time she says I purposely I jumped on her broken ankle I maintain I didn’t mean to stick that landing either. 

As kids, having four years between us seemed like such a huge gap and if dragging me around with her wasn’t bad enough, it was painfully embarrassing for Kaz that mum had to fit me for bra’s before her.  But I knew she loved me, especially when she coined little tunes for me like “Sister, sister I have heard a magical word.  Sister, sister it belongs to you.” or when we talked in our own funny language that would drive our mum barmy.

So today I celebrate you my dear sister, you’ve always been a wonderful friend, who would put on Whitney Houston, Wham, or Madonna albums, get all made up with me, and let me cross over the line drawn down the middle of the room to rock out in our bedroom.  We’ve laughed together, cried together, gotten on each other’s last nerve, stood up for one another and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.

You’re my best friend and a wonderful mother and I wish you much love on your birthday.

Lots Of Love

Kirst “The Worst” as you so adoringly called me when we we’re younger.

PS You’ll always be older ~sticks tongue out~

8 thoughts on “It's My Party….. Day Two of my Blog Trip!

  1. Aww! What a sweet post! You’re so lucky to have each other. As I’ve said before I always wished I had to sister. And what a picture! That’s recent right? I mean the one with the cut up sweat shirt, pink shorts, black leggings, and high tops. Cuz she told me she’s 21…


  2. Awww, I wish I had a sister! You give me hope… lately my boys are convinced that they hate each other. I tell them they’ll appreciate each other when they’re older, but even I was beginning to have my doubts.
    So this post proves my earlier theory…. 😉


  3. Wenders – I told ya before we’ll be your sisters.

    Sam – We pretended to hate each other as kids, but always loved one another and now we’re really close.

    Strawberryred – I thought I’d throw that in to embarass her a little it was from her Madonna Birthday


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