Yummy, Yummy… Day 3 of my Bloggy Road Trip

Today’s blog trip is supposed to be about where you like to go when you feel like going out to eat.  So I chose three of our favorite spots to eat.

The first being Carrabba’s!  Hubby LOVES their Steak Marsala, any time he gets to travel and expense his meals guess where he goes…lol  Meggers loves their meatballs, she loves pasta and sauce.  I love the bread they serve with oil and spices.  Yum!  The dining experiences we’ve had there are really warm and friendly.

If we want pizza there’s a really cute little, Pizza place around the corner from us that we enjoy called Pizza Villa.  We love their bruchetta and we always get a large pizza, well done.  Yum!

Finally, because we live so close to Disney, I have to mention The RainForest Cafe.  We love to eat there, more for the atmosphere than the food.  It’s all decked out like a Rain Forest and every 20 minutes or so it rains and the animals (fake of course except for the fish tanks, they’re real) go wild.  It’s one of Meggers favorite stops when we make our way over to Disney.

Can’t wait to see where you guys go to eat.  Yum!

6 thoughts on “Yummy, Yummy… Day 3 of my Bloggy Road Trip

  1. Yum – when’s dinner? Diva is an Olive Garden fan and she also loves Thai food. Frog is not the restaurant going type yet – but he has a favorite Thai dish too so we do take-out.


  2. Carrabba’s and I have never had a good relationship. Last year, on my birthday, I was just getting over a day of fasting (it was Yom Kippur, so I couldn’t eat) and wanted a good Italian meal. We went there and dealt with the hour wait which turned into an hour and thirty minutes because some old waitstaff came in and cut through the line of really pissed off people and a pissed off mother holding a screaming toddler who really wanted to eat. But I do love their Dessert Rosa.
    My favorite place would have to be Leroy Selmon’s. Amazing food. I have to go only on a cheat day so I can really enjoy.


  3. I love Macaroni Grill. It’s a lot like Carraba’s, only better (in my opinion, lol). The Rainforest Cafe looks really cool! I wish there was one here.


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