Ritz cracker Say What?

So Meghan came home from school last week a little down.  When I asked her what was wrong she said.

“Mommy the kids at school laughed at me”  I tried my best not to react like a lioness standing over her cub.

“really honey?  Were they joking with you or being mean”

“Being mean Mommy” 

My heart sank, could kids really be cruel in Kindergarten?  I wanted to just snatch her up and tell her I’d take care of any kid that dared laugh at her, but kept my cool and asked her…

“Well what were you doing?” 

As Meghan began to tell the story I tried my best to keep a straight face.

“Mommy I was talking to you.” 

“How were you talking to me Meggers?”

“On the phone”

“Which phone Meggers? I didn’t call you.”

“I know mommy, the cracker phone Mommy.”

Remember a while back I did the post on how Meggers pretended to talk on her James Bond, invisible, wrist phone?  Well, now she’ll use anything and everything as a pretend phone.  It just so happened that particular day she decided to talk to me on her cracker at lunch.  Trying to think of the best possible way to let her know that a cracker phone might not be the best way to make friends at school I told her.

“Meghan, while that was an awesome use of your imagination, I think the those kinds of games should be kept at home and that way the kids wont laugh at you baby.”

Meggers with her usual smile and soft spirit said to me “Okay Mommy”.

She hasn’t had any other issues since then, as a matter of fact she’s made a new friend named Julian?  Hmmmm who is this boy that she gushes over?  I’m gonna have to keep a close eye on this one. ~Grin~

9 thoughts on “Ritz cracker Say What?

  1. I know that feeling. I just want to rip those little kids heads off! She is such a sweetie. I love how she just accepted it and all was forgotten!


  2. I was just thinking earlier that it’s sad how cruel kids can be. You want to teach your kids the things they should or shouldn’t do to make friends. But you want them to be themselves and not change for anyone. How do you balance that? We’ve talked about this before and you know Noah has some problems with it. I’m sure Megger’s will be fine. You’ve got to get us some details about this Julian kid. Seriously!


  3. I know I really do feel like I want to beat the poop out of some of them. At the same time I know they’re just kids and I can’t protect her from everything all the time (as much as I want to). I think she’s a pretty tough cookie it’s just hard because she’s such a gentle spirit and you just want to scoop her up.

    Thanks for the comment.

    PS One of the reasons that we’re signing her up for Karate..lol


  4. Oh, I hope they were laughing because they thought she was being silly. Did she forget all about it the next day?
    Julian, huh? Sounds like romance!


  5. I just had this very conversation with Joey. Only the kids were “teasing” him because they were calling him Joey. I said, “But that is your name, honey.” And he said, “But I WANTED them to call me Spiderman!” Oh boy.


  6. She has such a wonderful imagination. I hope the other kids’ reactions don’t shut that down for her too much. I love that she didn’t take it too much to heart after she had a talk with you. It can take me days, even weeks to talk Diva down when she feels she’s been made fun of or slighted. And yes, watch out for those boys! ;0)


  7. She does have a great imagination. Kids will be kids unfortunately and don’t recognize creative talent at such a young age! Your kid is a sweetie!


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