A Wife’s Rant..

My sister always kids with me saying my friends in the blogasphere must think my husband is perfect as I never complain about him.  Well Karen, today I’m about to debunk that theory..lol  Disclaimer to family members: this is purely a premenstrual rant, please don’t read into it. 

I was having a bitch about my husband relaying the events of the morning to my sister during one of our routine morning talks.  “Hubby’s being a Richard (cleaning it up a little for you..lol) this morning.”

I started to tell her how while I was packing Meggers lunch and getting her ready for school this morning, hubby was getting out our grossly oversized toaster/oven to make “himself” breakfast.  Instead of moving a few things on the counter to make room for the monstrocity,  he decided to take the mess to a completely new surface.  I made a comment about maybe helping clean up the surface a little rather than just passing over it and creating more mess somewhere else.  Here’s how my hubby responded….

He put down the toaster/oven and started to move things off the counter, for which I have to give him credit.  However, the comment that came with having to do this task pissed me off  raised my blood pressure a little.   Said with lots of snark “Oh yeah, because I hate it when I leave my purse right here on the counter”.   Now normally (when I’m not premenstrual) I would let it go, but being that I was racing against the clock to get Meggers to school and he was making “himself” breakfast I responded..

“I can’t believe you just said that……  Oh yeah because I never pick up after you.”  Istarted mumbling under my breath… because I NEVER pick up his mess, dirty socks, shoes, or clean HIS hair around the sink, and why can’t men hit the potty?  It’s a big enough bullseye, I could hit that standing up.  I NEVER clean THAT mess do I?  Talk to me about my purse.  Hmmmffff!  Go on, continue making breakfast for yourself….

Hubby oblivious to the rant ensuing under breath, must have realized he’d annoyed me and asked if I’d given Meggers her meds.  “Not yet, I’m just about to.”  Hubby started to get Meggers medicine ready.  Again under my breath…   “Ohhhh now you wanna help, right before we’re walking out the door. Typical! No, no, no go ahead enjoy YOUR breakfast, don’t ask me if I’M hungry.. talk to me about my purse….” 

Now obviously it was petty, silly, and I’m most definitely premenstrual, which is why I never post this stuff, but when I got on the phone with my sister she was laughing, saying I should blog about it.   So bloggy friends if you ever though my husband was perfect, I hope this post will satisfy the rumor.

9 thoughts on “A Wife’s Rant..

  1. LOL!! I knew something was wrong with him – nobody is that perfect – not even my husband! LOL (which for some reason everyone in the world thinks he can do no wrong. I guess it is the whole stay @ home daddy thing)

    Well, glad to see these little spats are not only going on in my house. You should see some of ours!!! The latest is because I am shedding (yeah, I said shedding) this pregnancy has me growing so much hair on my head that it is falling out too! (right after I give birth, this will stop) so he hates the fact that it falls out. I tell him, I hate the fact he has none! You should see what this starts. Afterwards we laugh at how stupid it was.


  2. I’m so glad you posted this! You feel a little better, right? Why do you think I gripe on mine all the time?

    Men can be real jerks. They think if they do *one* *little* *thing* then they should be given an award or something. Thomas actually told me last night that I shouldn’t praise Noah (or him) so much because it loses it’s specialness. Huh?

    Also glad to know E is not perfect. I was getting jealous. lol


  3. I’ve argued with Mark for 15 minutes before because he’ll ask me where the peanut butter is without even looking for it and then when I tell him, he stares at it and says, “Whaddya mean? I still don’t see it.”
    It drives me crazy, and I can’t use PMS as an excuse… that’s just me.;)


  4. I offed my husband a long time ago. The John you all know and laugh at is a figment.
    (Wow, I really hope that goes over as a joke. )
    Hope you’re feeling a little better after your rant, Kirst. We all need a good rant once in a while.


  5. Ha! That sounds like my life and marriage…good grief….very funny stuff, but I hope you both were able to make up and get over it OK.


  6. I have to warn my husband when I’m having my day. It is not a good day to push my buttons because I will literaly rip his head off! Like you, there are things that bug me, but on those days, I can’t let it slide. I can relate to so many of the things you said. Are you sure you’re not talking about my hubby? 🙂


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