I'm Back! Did ya miss me?

Thank you for all the warm comments you left they were very sweet, I’m feeling much better and I’m back with pictures.  While I was gone Meggers lost her front tooth…

and has been doing great at Karate.

            The above pictures are Meggers in her fighting stance and her mean front punch.

Meggers in her fight stance and doing her awesome side kick.  Karate has been a great after school activity for Meggers, she loves it and was so excited when Sensai said her Gi (uniform) had arrived.

Meggers also decided she’d like to continue on in Girl Scouts this year.  We found out one of the teachers she loves at school decided to start a troop this year so we flipped into her troop. 


8 thoughts on “I'm Back! Did ya miss me?

  1. Hi hi hihihi! I almost didn’t click over, but I’m glad now that I did. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better, and super glad Megger’s is doing well. She’s so cute in her gi! I wish Noah would try it. I’ll live vicariously through you and Meg, though.


  2. Good to have you back! Thanks for the visit at 4-frogs.

    Meggers is so cute with that missing tooth – just in time for halloween. She can model for your Jack-o-lantern :0) She looks awesome in her Karate move – you go girl!

    Glad to hear she’s enjoying Girl Scouts. We didn’t have such good luck and decided to move on. Hope the new troop is excellent.


  3. You are keeping her busy! Great job!! Princess loved Karate for the whole 2 years it lasted! LOL

    Haven’t done the scouts thing here – in this area, there are too many snobs in the scouts, not like where I used to live


  4. Welcome back Kirsty! I’m glad to see you back too! Hope you enjoyed your blogger break.

    Awesome to see that Meggers wants to join the Girl Scouts alongside Karate! What a trooper.

    Don’t forget to inform us on when you’re going to get back into kick boxing, looking forward to hearing your stories.

    Have a great weekend! 😀


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