Spin Cycle Friday – Embarrassment

It’s Spin Cycle time over at Sprite’s Keeper, where you take the weeks topic and write your spin on it.  This weeks theme is Embarrassment so I thought I’d revert back to a post I wrote called A funny story or two or three… 

OK we’re going back ten years to when my husband and I had only been together for about 3 months, we were getting ready to go on a cruise to the Bahama’s and we were shopping at one of the higher end stores (this is when we had money and no responsibility).   OK, so let me set the stage for you..

you know how there’s usually a wall with tops hung high and then some sort of pants to match hung below them?  Then there’s usually a table like display, about rib high with cute little ensembles folded on it creating a little path between.  Well I had just cleared the table display and was out in the open when hubby decides to let one rip sooo loud I swear it echoed throughout the entire store, but here’s the kicker.. he then says hun look at this and ducks down between the wall and the rack just as everyone in the store turns their head and looks at me.  I’m sooo embarrassed that I just bury my head like an ostrich amongst the tops on the wall and when I dare to peek out my hubby is rolling around on the floor laughing so hard.  We left the store promptly with me trying not to laugh, scolding soon to be hubby, who still couldn’t contain his laughter all the way to the parking lot.   Got him out of shopping with me for quite a while ~grin~ oh but I got my own back. Mwah ha ha ha! 

Hubby used to work at a warehouse full of sweaty, stinky, macho men.  I found an old picture of hubby with one of his ex’s dressed like a very girlie Robin Hood (obviously she’d begged him to do it by the expression on his face).  Anyway with the help of a few of his friends we plastered the walls of his work with the pictures..lol  he endured a lot of teasing for quite a few months after that  Aaaahhh the good ol’ days!

7 thoughts on “Spin Cycle Friday – Embarrassment

  1. HA! That is HILARIOUS! Gage did that to me once IN CHURCH! He let one go and then said “MOM!” and people turned to stare and give me dirty looks for farting in God’s house. I wanted to die.


  2. So funny! And so like John!
    He and Sprite were letting them rip just a couple of nights ago when Sprite got very passionate about her fork just as John was trying to take it away. He told me, “When it comes to matters of the heart, she’s just like you.” Then, with precision timing, Sprite tooted so loud the dogs came over, and I had to say it. “When it comes to matters of the fart, she’s just like YOU.”
    I need a sitcom.
    You’re linked!
    Missed you!


  3. I am so glad to see that you are back!! YAY!!!!

    Well men do tend to do this many times and find ways to poke it at us but I am so glad to see that you got him back, and you got him back good!


  4. Samanthia – You definitely should do a post about that one..lol

    SpritesKeeper – You defo need your own sitcom. I’m thinking along the lines of seinfeld? Whadaya think?

    Krystal & Frog – Thanks so much.

    Jonnymommy – To tell the truth we’re a match made in heaven..lol Shhh I didn’t say that. ;O)


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