My Poor Hubby….

I think I’ve scarred my husband for life!  The place where Meggers goes for Karate doesn’t have the best air conditioning so the other day I bought Meggers her first little bra.  Well… really it’s more of a sports bra to wear under her karate uniform (Gi).  When I showed it to Meggers she was super excited and wanted to put it on right away.

“Now I have boobs like you mommy.”

“No Meggers, now you have a little sports bra like me.”

 (Alright I know mines not “little” and if folded, could encase a human head, but go with me on this okay.)

Of course because she was sooo excited she wanted to share it with her Daddy.

“Look Daddy I’m wearing a bra like Mommy.” 

Her hands were on her hips, she was twisting from side to side, which is her normal modeling pose.  Daddy smiled at her, but as soon as her back was turned he put his head down, looked at me, and said “That’s just wrong!”

I think they’re cute!

4 thoughts on “My Poor Hubby….

  1. Ack! I had the biggest giggle reading that! I’m so afraid of Sprite entering the teen years, but I can only imagine what John would do when these issues start to come up about puberty and such. I think if she had anything right now remotely resembling a bra, he would flip.


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