Meggers for… McCain???

So, I was watching a You Tube video of Biden that someone had sent me, when Meggers came out of the bedroom and asked me who he was?  We’ve talked a little about the election with her, but it was obvious to me that she wanted to know a little more.  So,  I began to explain the election a little more  with the help of this website.   So here’s how it went..

“Who’s that Mommy?”

“That’s Joe Biden, he’s running for Vice President.”  She looked at me a bit puzzled.

“You know how you’ve been learning a little bit about the different presidents in school?”

“I dunno Mommy”. 

This is a standard answer in our house that drives me I realized I’d need to go a little deeper with her.

“Let’s go on the computer and learn a little about the election and the president okay?”

“Okay Mommy” 

So we ended up going through each page on the website I listed above until she started to get a bit bored.  I think she got a pretty good grasp of what the election was about.   I told her that Barack Obama and John McCain were in a competition to be president and talked to her a bit about how people vote for who they want. 

“Mommy who are you voting for?”

“Well, Mommy likes Barack Obama.” 

Meggers paused for a minute, gave me a snarky little smile and said

“Well I don’t, I like John McCain.”    

At first, the liberal hairs on the back of my neck bristled and I wanted to say “Nooooo.” However,  I like that Meggers isn’t afraid to disagree with me.  I knew she was doing what she normally does, choosing the opposite of whatever I picked so, I gave her a little hug and said

“Meggers that’s the beauty of it, you have a choice.”

I’ve always been a pretty liberal democrat, but now it seems I’m raising a wee Republican…lol

8 thoughts on “Meggers for… McCain???

  1. Welcome to the party Meggers :0)

    Don’t worry mom, she has lots of time to find out who and what she is – you may have some hope yet!


  2. How cute that she’s interested! Noah was shocked to learn today that George W is still president.

    I bet if she actually was able to vote, she would totally follow your lead. Cuz you’re so smart and all. 🙂


  3. I read the title of this blog in my blogger logger and thought…. uh oh lol

    It’s great Meggers makes her own choices! Even if they are ones you predicted, hehe.

    I’m more interested in Americas Election then the one currently going on here in New Zealand! It’s more or less the thought of history being made that’s exciting to think about. 😀


  4. Wendy – I was excited that she was interested, but Meggers loves to disagree with I see lots of fun debates in our future.

    Jethro – Sometimes the election gets frustrating, but you’re right the history aspect of it is definitely exciting.


  5. Politics always bring out the best in us, right? Even to the point of picking a candidate to upset your parents. (You have got to give her props for it though. ) And great lesson at the end!


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