Our Family Flag

So Meggers had a homework assignment to make a Family Flag.  It was a really cute project where you separate the flag into three sections.  In the first section you put pictures of things the family does for fun.  In the second section you put pics of the family working together.  Finally, in the third section you put what you love about your family. 

The week was a bit hectic with Girl Scouts and Karate, so I called Meggers teacher to see if we could get an extension on the project.  At first her teacher told me she’d get a deduction for turning it in late, but she was just kidding.  “Take a deep breath and turn it in on Monday, not to worry.”  She told me.   So we worked on it over the weekend and here it is…


9 thoughts on “Our Family Flag

  1. It turned out really good! I’m impressed. It’s a good thing my girls are talented because I could never manage anything like that!


  2. This is very cool! I love the idea and it came out looking great! I agree with SK…can’t wait until Jonathan starts coming home with these projects.


  3. Wow – great job you guys. That project is a keeper – display it proudly, then tuck it away for safe keeping. You’ll love this when she is older :0)


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