Dexter’s Back On!!!!!!


I love, love, love Dexter, the season premiere aired last night on Showtime and I was not left disappointed, lots of new twist and turns.  If you’ve never seen it and you like suspense, murder mysteries Dexter is definitely for you. 

Dexter is a like-able Miami Blood Spatter expert who moonlights  as a serial killer.  Due to a traumatic event, a dark secret that looms over him, Dexter was adopted at age 3 by Harry Morgan, a Miami Policeman who recognized his sociopathic tendencies.  Harry taught Dexter to live by a code, to only kill those who truly deserve it, killers that have killed multiple times without remorse, that manage to slip through the cracks of the criminal justice system.  

Dexter tries to lead a normal life but it takes a few twists and turns that really have you on the edge of your seat.  You’ll find yourself routing for him and forgetting that he gets pleasure out of his kills all while his past and the truth about Harry start to unravel.  Ooooo it’s realllllly good!

2 thoughts on “Dexter’s Back On!!!!!!

  1. I think I would like this show, but I haven’t watched it. I just don’t know if I can add anymore to my list and I don’t know if I can give anymore up!


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