My Little Superhero!

She leaps couches in a single bound!  She saves teddybears and barbies from Daisy (our pup) Doom!  She kills off Daddy Monsters with a single chop!  Na-na, na-na, Na-na, na-na BATGIRL! 

Meghan decided what she wanted to be for Halloween.  Cinderella?  Who’s she?  Belle?  Nope!  None other than BATGIRL!  She had so much fun trying the costume on and mommy was able to trick Meggers…….

“Batgirl, batgirl I’m in trouble!”

“Here I come mommy, what is it?”

“There’s so much mess and Mommy can’t clean it all up by herself.”

“No problem Mommy, Batgirl to the rescue!”

Now I wonder if I can get daddy to help if I get him a  Batman costume?  Hmmmmm…

11 thoughts on “My Little Superhero!

  1. That is too cute. Who wants to be a dumb ole princess anyway? Batgirl is so much cooler and tougher!

    Can you tell Batgirl that I need some help cleaning too?


  2. She’s the cutest batgirl ever! I wonder if that would work for my kids…

    I really love seeing all the pix of her! We get to see her growing, too. How’s she doing in school?


  3. Wendy – Oooo I think everyone should try it! lol She’s doing really good, thanks! I appreciate you asking. :o) They get so big so fast.

    Kaz – told you didn’t I, super cute! Now to get Loggy in his Thomas costume.


  4. She is soooo Cute! She’s got the superhero stance and everything! And I love that she owned the character enough to step up to the challenge of cleaning :0)
    The two of you are going to have some fun with that costume for awhile. (And I can just picture Batman out cleaning the gutters!)

    Does Meggers have any Halloween functions to wear her costume to or will she just be trick-or-treating? With Diva, it was always all about the costume – after that she could care less what we did or if we did anything.

    I was just asking Frog today if he is a superhero in disguise (he says yes) He has the power of invisibility – you can look right at him and not see him – scares the daylights out of me when I can’t find him


  5. Great costume! SHe looks so excited! If they ever invented blog to blog trick or treating, I would save her the best candy!


  6. Oh, I so totally have used the Super Hero call for help too! This though was Little Man and he wasn’t in costume but walking around with his Ironman doll, I mean action figure.


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