Nanny Nanny Poo Poo Your Missin' All The Fun!

So, last night after Karate Meggers and Daddy made Spag-bog for dinner, otherwise known as Spaghetti.  We were  all sitting down slurping our noodles when Daddy said to Meggers.

“Hey Meghan maybe this weekend we can go to The Adventure Park.”

“Yeah Daddy!”

I could see the wheels in Meggers head turning.

“We can go on that thing, the one in the water, with the splash, and we go WEEEEEEE, what’s it called daddy?”

“The Log Flume?”

“Yeah that one and the bumper cars and you come too Mommy?”

“Ummm, no Meg I’ve gotta work, bummer.”

Again Meggers pondered for a minute.

“Your gonna miss all the fun Mommy, na-na, na-na, naaaa, na mwah ha ha.”

Daddy almost spit out his spaghetti trying not to laugh and I sat gobsmacked that Meggers had just totally heckled me.  What really sucked was she was right. Sigh!

5 thoughts on “Nanny Nanny Poo Poo Your Missin' All The Fun!

  1. Aww! No fair! You should call in sick or something, just to have the last laugh. I bet that really does suck, knowing that they’re going to be having fun together. {{hugs!}}


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