Growing Pains Maybe?

For a few days Meggers has been saying her leg is a little bit sleepy. Usually when she’s nervous, worried about something, or doesn’t want to try she’ll say she’s a little bit sleepy, so I kind of chalked it up to that. Last night Meggers woke from sleep complaining of her leg hurting and this morning she had trouble walking a little. Of course, being concerned and a bit of a hypochondriac, my mind started flooding with possible scenario’s of what it might be.

I worked in a retirement home at one point so blood clot was the first thing that came to mind followed by pediatric rheumatoid arthritis (don’t ever google growing, then I thought she’s been taking karate for the past few weeks, a muscle pull maybe? I thought about her seizure medication, could it be related to that?

Finally, after a brief conversation with my mum I concluded it could be growing pains? She said we had them growing up and I vaguely remember having a pain or two when I was about 10. I called my sister who has three boys, she said her boys had gone through similar experiences. Okay feeling a little less stressed about it!  So, I’m going to give her a wee bit of Motrin to help ease the ache, if it doesn’t go away by Monday I’ll make an appointment to see the pediatrician just to be sure.

10 thoughts on “Growing Pains Maybe?

  1. I always thought growing pains were a myth, or whatever you want to call it, but Carter had pains, too, and when I took him to the doctor, that’s all it was. I’d take her to the pediatrician just to be sure, but I’ll bet that’s all it is. I know, I’m the same way… I use google every time one of the kids complains about something, and after and hour I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about stalking my pediatrician. Good luck!


  2. Yeah I read it’s a myth too that’s what led me to the Pediatric Rheumatoid Arthritis Will defo be taking her to the pediatrician just to (satisfy my worries) be sure. ;o) Thanks!


  3. It’s so strange that kids get pains just from growing but I know it’s fairly common.
    Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I have assigned my poor kids all types of ailments that they don’t actually have. I finally had to stop Googling everything.


  4. Poor love! Hope she’s ok? It never occured to me before how hard it must be as a concerned parent too, gosh!

    I remember when I was small my leg went completely numb and I couldn’t walk on it all day, and still being sent to school. Hmm! Best checked, put your mind at rest, but does sound like the kinda ache kids (and adults) do just get from time to time. Hope so xxx


  5. It is most likely nothing serious, just aches and pains like we all go through – but good idea to keep an eye on it :0)


  6. Prolly nothing but I know what you mean about Google. My Hubby says that Google is my immediate Discovery Health and has forbidden me from it – for good reason too! You should have seen me on it when the kids were first diagnosed. I was a wreck.

    I still remember my growing pains and funny how they are generally in the legs not the arms. I hope she feels better.



  7. It would make me nervous too, but I remember having these pains as well when I was young. I would keep an eye on it, though and see if it gets worse for her.


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