Meggers and Daddy Day

So Daddy and Meggers went to Busch Gardens on Sunday!  Meggers came in to my work and handed me a Pumpkin Muffin and the sandwich I’d left on the counter, gave me a kiss and headed off for a day with Daddy. 

Apparently, it was a lovely day,  they rode on the train, went on Rhino Rally and even braved the sky-ride.  Meggers played tour guide and led Daddy around the park where she got to sit next to a lion, learned Hyena’s don’t have tails, and got up close and personal with a hippo.  Meggers even went on her first big ride, the log flume!   I was a little miffed daddy was to cheap to buy the picture of Meggers on her first official grown up-ish ride, but Meggers excitement telling me of her adventure quickly made me forget about it.

On the way home Meggers noticed Daddy had white hairs in his beard (snicker).  Daddy wasn’t thrilled, but joked with her saying they were from children.  She ignored his snark and came back with “You’re gonna have a white beard like Santa.”  He replied “Haa, Ha, Ha Meggers” to which Meggers replied “No Daddy it’s Ho, ho, ho.”  Got quite a chuckle out of that.

Anyway they had a great day and went to The Outback for a lovely Daddy and daughter dinner.  I was happy he remembered to take the camera this time and got some really cute shots.

7 thoughts on “Meggers and Daddy Day

  1. Those are some great pictures, looks like they had a nice father/daughter day! The muffin was a nice touch.
    We live about 15 min from Busch Gardens and I think we’re going to get a pass since it’s a nice place to go and kill time. Glad they had a fun day out!


  2. Absolutely adorable pictures!
    We live about 2 hours south of there, and try to get up there every 4 months. Awesome place!


  3. Halfasgoodasyou – Another fellow Floridian! I love pumpkin Muffins. We live about 45 min to an hour away.

    Sprite – Very cool! Next time you go you’ll have to let me know it’d be cute to have Sprite and Meggers meet.

    Sam – It was a huge termite Yeah I got a good chuckle out of that and the fact that she pointed out Daddy’s greying beard.


  4. Ho ho ho! That’s too funny. Hubby is getting a little gray in his hair, too. He doesn’t have a beard. Love the pictures. I love that they had a daddy daughter day. Those are so special.


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