No Internet Again….

I went to work today and for the third weekend in a row no internet  aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!  I need the Internet, I work in a real estate office and this is when I do most of my blogging and catch up reading  is how I pull up properties and important stuff for the Realtors.  The housing market really sucks right now, so as you can imagine the office is super quiet on the weekend and I forgot my book so the following sums up my day (warning photos are not


More Bored or is it border? boreder? bordist? boredist? Never could



On a positive note, Meggers is no longer walking with a limp. Yay!  I don’t think it was growing pains as we noticed two bruises on her leg and so far have three stories from her on how it happened.   She fell off the monkey bars, it fell asleep, and daisy did it.  Hmmm.. sounds like the first one might be the winner.

We all went to my sisters that Sunday for Logan’s birthday party.  Meggers was having a wee blast running around with her cousin and completely forgot about her leg, so no pediatrician appt. needed.  It was nice, the whole family together having a laugh.  Here are a few photos of the wee ones festivities.

Logan giggling while hubby dangled him upside down (only my husband. Sigh!  lol)

Grandma entertaining all the kiddo’s.  That’s Meggers diggin in the box on the

The Spaghetti Dinner.  Yum!

7 thoughts on “No Internet Again….

  1. Hey, I love the pictures you posted while at work! You look mahvelously bored.
    Looks like ya’ll had a good time… if there’s any leftovers, be sure and send me some!
    That’s great news about Megan… the last time Rye limped he spent 8 weeks in a spica cast. So glad that wasn’t the case here!


  2. Having no internet is probably the most agonizing form of torture out there. I like the pics you posted of your boredom!


  3. Not a fun day! Love the party pictures, though! I had a cousin that used to hang me upside down like that. He was quite a bit older than me. The spaghetti sounds yummy!


  4. Sam – I was more than bored, third weekend in a row that I had no computer. Sigh!

    Deb – Logan was giggling so hard it was funny, but it made me really nervous.

    Halfasgood and Kaz – The pics were taken with my cell, had to do something to to make my day more

    Sprite – Awwww thanks!


  5. Haaaa! Love the photos of you. They remind me of me…though you are much prettier (is that how that is spelled?)

    This happens to me at work when there is no internet.

    Oh work. Hey, gotta go do some.

    Love the photos of the little guy and Hubby too!


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