Egg Head….

Meggers and I have been sick since Sunday with that horrible cough that’s going around, poor Meg fell asleep last night with a stuffy nose.  She has this habit of picking her nose to fall asleep.  I don’t think she picks as much as she just lays with her finger in her nose, a comfort thing maybe?  Sometimes she’ll just rest her finger on her face like she’s pointing up it and then she’s out for the count.


4:30AM this  morning I was awaken by Meghan crying, I sat up and quickly realized she’d fallen out of bed.  I jumped out of bed, scooped her up, flipped on the light and started checking her over to see if she’d hurt herself…  two legs, two hands, ten fingers, ten toes, nothing broken, everything looked good till I smoothed her hair back to kiss her forehead… she had a huge egg.  I freaked out a bit, it was still rising and Meg kept saying she was tired.  I woke Erich and we hopped in the car to take her to the ER to get Meggers checked out. 

 Meg looked like she had a black eye too but it was actually a mosquito bite from the night before (poor kid can’t catch a break).  When we got to the hospital they got us in pretty quick, the doctor checked her out, said he wasn’t too concerned and told us what to watch for over the next 24 to 48 hours.

We we’re released and Meggers received some stickers for her bravery.  So today Meggers is home from school again.  We’re spending the day playing games, catching up on homework and I’m sure some ice cream or an ice pop might be involved. ~Grin~


11 thoughts on “Egg Head….

  1. Poor Meg! Poor Mom! Things like that can be so scary :o0

    Glad to hear she was cleared by the doc. And the stickers are always a good thing :0) Enjoy the ice cream!


  2. poor princess!!!! yeah, i have had many of those – actually now it is Sneaky Monkey with his gash on his eyebrow because of his interaction with the couch. It started to bleed again yesterday so I attacked with the neosporin and the bandaids. I wonder how long that will last! LOL

    Enjouy her for the day – she is too cute!


  3. Aw poor baby! First I felt bad for her because her eyes look so puffy, then I kept reading and saw her poor head! What a day for her (and you!). I hope y’all feel better soon!


  4. I tried to comment last night but my computer was messed up. I couldn’t believe the “egg” on Meggers head! It looks worse than that to me! Man! poor kid! I hope she is feeling better today.


  5. Thanks for all the posts about Meggers “bakers Dozen” as Sam put it. It was really scary! Meggers sleeps in our bed and it’s pretty high off the ground, we also have a faux wood floor in our room so it wasn’t like she fell on carpet. Usually hubby is on one side of her and I’m on the other but he opted to sleep in the living room as he was getting up early the next morning and didn’t want to wake us. I was a nervous wreck because my brain was running through all the worst case scenario’s that could happen. Meggers however, was a trooper and the bump on her head put her in bounce off the walls mode. All day I was telling her get down from there, or are you trying to get hurt? The bump is much better and now wer’re just working on getting rid of our colds. Thanks for all the comments.


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