While I'm At Work…

All the fun happens while I’m at work. Sigh!  This past weekend Daddy took Meggers to meet up with her cousins, Uncle Jon, Uncle Jamie and Aunty Isobel to do a little off roading and go for a walk in the woods.

They caught this rare glimpse of a wild toddler crossing the path.  When they tried to get a little closer it would take off running, stop and then look back.

While making their way through the brush, they were able to snap a picture of what we think is the elusive Yetti.  Oh wait… it’s just Uncle Jamie. 

Hmmmm which way to go?  I think maybe we should follow Aunty Is she seems to know where she’s going.

I can’t believe I walked four miles and all I got was… well what is that? Why is my daughter holding what looks like an animal terd? You see THAT’S why you need to take ME on these walks so that I can…  What’s that? Ohhhh it’s a seed pod or something, well that makes me feel better.



10 thoughts on “While I'm At Work…

  1. In all fairness, I thought it was a turd too.

    Isn’t that how it always happens? They always seem to have more fun when we are gone?

    Darn it!


  2. Love the pictures, and I cringed a little when I looked at the one of what I thought was Meggers was holding poop… I’m glad you added that bit above it, otherwise I would have dmd you Purell. 😉
    Sounds like she had a lot of fun!


  3. I can’t believe you caught a picture of a toddler in the wild. The National Enquirer should pay you for that shot! Cute pictures…


  4. Looks like they had a great time!

    I think Frog’s dad feels a little left out when he read’s our Frog’s School blog – I know Diva does “Frog got to do THAT!”

    But I bet Meggers has fun telling you all about it when you get home :0)


  5. Jonny – I know right! I totally thought it was poo. If they have another cool weekend planned I’m callin’ in.

    Sprite – Absolutely! :o)

    Krystal – Yep! I’d of prob put a damper on things, not to good in the woods, spiders and all. lol

    Sammanthia – I’ll still take the DMD Purell..lol Still not completely convinced it was a seed pod. ;O)

    Halfasgood – T’was a rare sighting and a call to National Geographic is in the works.

    GoodFather – From what I heard she had a great time thanks!

    Frogsmom – She had a blast telling me all about it.

    Kaz – :o)

    Wendy – I thought poo or frog..lol Ach I get her all the time so I really don’t mind so much, just like to give hubby a hard time. ~grin~


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