Camp out in the living room…

Last Friday while Meggers was getting ready for bed she decided to sniff my perfume and it slipped from her fingers and shattered on our bathroom floor.  I’ve always liked the smell of Burberry Brit but after a night of the ceiling fan on high, open windows and stuffing towels under the door to stop the aroma from saturating our bedroom, I don’t mind if never smell that particular scent for quite a while.

The following Saturday morning Meggers woke up vomiting with a fever and the scent just seemed to make her tummy feel worse.  So with a little persuasion we had daddy pull our mattress through to the living room and had a camp out.

Ummm… it’s now nearly a week later and we haven’t put the mattress back, having way to much fun!


7 thoughts on “Camp out in the living room…

  1. Wow, it’s the neverending sleepover!
    This is the stuff of kids’ dreams. Nice going, Kirst! Hope Meggers feels better soon.


  2. I hope Meggers is feeling better soon. I remember loving campouts in our house when I was little, something so exciting about sleeping anywhere but our bed. Cute dog!


  3. Oh – poor Meggers! I’ll bet she felt bad about dropping the bottle – then to be sick on top of it. What a nice mom and dad to come up with such a clever idea :0) You may have trouble getting that mattress out of the living room now that she’s had a taste of indoor camping!


  4. When I was a kid our upstairs sometimes didn’t get very warm in the winter so we would sleep in the living room downstairs with sheets in the doorways to keep the heat in. I loved camping out with my mom! My dad usually braved the cold and slept upstairs. mom and I goofed off too much and he couldn’t get sleep for work the next day. 🙂


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