Our Pumpkin Adventure…

We finally made it to the Pumpkin Patch and now we’re part of the Pumpkin Parade over at 4 Frogs!

This one makes a great seat! Whadaya think Mommy?

What about this one Daddy?  His response.. that’s not a pumpkin Meg, that’s a “Bump”kin! 

This one is PERFECT mommy!

We invited Grand Pops over to carve it, he brought a white one to carve too we’d never seen a white pumpkin before.

It was a spooky, ghostly looking pumpkin.

It scared me so much my pigtails stood on end.

Mwah ha ha Dr. Meghanstein at work in her crazy laboratory.

Our dog Daisy wanted to help us carve our pumpkins too.


I think Daddy caught my cold. Eeeeewwwwww!

Ta daaaaa!

They’re gonna make great Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween night!



7 thoughts on “Our Pumpkin Adventure…

  1. The jack-o-lanterns are great! I still haven’t bought one, let alone carved it. I tried to convince Noah tonight that we may as well not do one this year, but he told me I can do it while he’s at school tomorrow. lol

    I love the pictures! They’re great! My favorites are the “bumpkin” and the cold one. LMAO!


  2. I love your jack-o-lanterns Meggers! They turned out really neat – But they still don’t hold a candle to your smile :0)

    Thanks for joining our Pumpkin Patch Parade!

    Happy Halloween :0)


  3. I have NEVER even heard of a white pumpkin, let alone seen one. I did see a white tomato this summer, though. My life is complete.
    Meggers did a great job on them pumpkins!


  4. Great job with the photos, Meggers! These are great and the commentary just made it!

    You’re one cute kid.

    Next time tell Daddy to get a tissue. Eeeeew!


  5. Truly, truly priceless!!!

    So glad you could enjoy it!

    Oh and yeah, I got a new blog because blogger killed me! LOL and from that new one I got another one because live journal was even worse!!!

    I am now on Word Press with you and I like it alot better than blogger and live journal!!!



  6. Great pics – love them!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Our pumpkins are still sitting un-carved on the kitchen table. Parents of the year – right here! 😦


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