November is Epilepsy Awareness Month

I will be keeping this post at the top of my blog for November so make sure you scroll down to see new posts.  Thanks!

 Some of you may not know November is Epilepsy Awareness Month.  My daughter Meghan (otherwise known here as Meggers) is six years old and has been living with Epilepsy since she was about a month old.  Epilepsy does not define Meggers, it’s simply something she lives with and although there are some things we have to be cautious about, she can still live and function just as well as any other child her age.  There are a lot of misconceptions about Epilepsy and I thought I’d post this short video to share a little information and clear up a few of them.

The National Walk for Epilepsy  is on March 28th, 2009, in Washington D.C.  and our family is participating so “Not another moment is lost to seizures”.   For those of you who watch Heroes, Greg Grunberg  is the National Chair and walks for his real-life hero – his son Jake who also lives with Epilepsy. 

I’m asking my family, friends, fellow bloggers, and strangers to unite with us to fight the stigma, raise awareness and find a cure for Epilepsy by going to Meggers National Walk Page to donate $5 and/or by writing a post about Epilepsy Awareness on your blog and linking back here.   Our family is greatful and thanks you for your support.

10 thoughts on “November is Epilepsy Awareness Month

  1. Great cause, I’m so sorry Meggers has to deal with this. I clicked over and left a donation to help her reach her goal. Good luck with the fund raising!


  2. Meggers is such a doll! You’re right, there is a lot of misconceptions about epilepsy… my grandma had it and I had no idea until after she passed away. She refused to talk about. When she was young, there were even more misconceptions about epilepsy, but things have changed some since then… here’s hoping they continue to change.


  3. Halfasgood – Thank you so much, didn’t expect that. It really touched our hearts that someone we really don’t know would be that generous.

    Sprite – That would be awesome! Thanks!

    Kathryn1 – If there’s anything you want to know please don’t hesitate to ask. We feel like Epilepsy is the lost disorder, because you don’t hear about it like you hear about other disorders even though it sometimes can go hand in hand with them.

    Sam – Thanks! You’re right things have come a long way since your Grandma was young, with acceptance and medicine. I can only imagine what she had to endure. God bless her. Thanks for sharing.


  4. My best friend’s son has epilepsy as well as her oldest daughter. These kids are like my own family so when I hear stories of what is going on, I am crushed. They have been lucky enough to qualify each for the magnetic implant that helps with the seizures but each day is a different day and is unexpected as the next. You are a great mommy and Meggers is so lucky to have you in her life and the same as for her in yours!!

    Keep spreading the word – the more awareness the better I always say!


  5. What a great cause! I didn’t know November was National Epilepsy awareness month. I’ll have to get something together for my blog! In honor of Meggers and my lil bro. It is not something people should be afraid of. It is a little scary to see someone have a seizure, but all you need to do is make sure they don’t hit anything while they are seizing and then be there when they come out of it. For my brother, he doesn’t really remember the seizure, just kind of knows something happens when he starts to wake up on the ground with people around him. 🙂


  6. Thanks Debbie! Meggers is the same, she doesn’t remember the seizures either just knows something happened because she’s laying on her side and everyone is around her, must be a pretty scary feeling.

    Megs seizures are pretty well controlled on Meds, she hasn’t had a seizure since August of last year. It was at school and amazingly she was able to alert the teacher before it happened.

    We’re still in a weaning process to try and get her off the phenobarbitol but taking it extremely slowly due to past attempt results.

    Thanks so much for doing a post and I hope that one day they find a cure so your brother and Meggers don’t have to loose another moment to seizures.



  7. Thanks Krystal! Epilepsy is a lot more common than people think. I hope they do well on the Implant I’ve talked to a few moms who think it was a life saver. Isn’t medical technology amazing! Let’s keep fighting for a cure. You should have your friend do a guest post for Epilepsy Awareness Month?


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