Meggers has legal representation…..

Meggers this morning had me laughing on the way to school, here’s how our conversation went….

“Meggers you know it’s Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary on Wednesday, the day of your field trip.”

“It IS Mommy?”

 “yep Daddy and I will’ve been married eight years and together ten.”

(Meggers stops and thinks for a moment)

“It’s mine and Cameron’s too!”

“what do you mean?”

“Me and Cameron are married Mommy, it’s our anniversary too.”

“Meg you can’t marry your cousin, he’s family, you need to marry someone like Dylan or Julian…”

“I can marry both Mommy (Meg starts talking with herself in the back seat… Cameron.  What?  Do you take Meghan to be your wife?  I do.  Meghan do you take Cameron to be your husband?  Yep I do).”

“Meg Cam’s your cousin you can’t really marry him, but you can pretend.”

Meg was quiet for a few minutes and then came out with this beauty.

“Mommy Mr. Nobody’s my Lawyer.”

Meggers has an imaginary friend called Mr. Nobody, who has a Fairly Odd Parent, Fairy named Poof, it’s a long story.  I almost pee’d my pants, laughing, on one hand I was thinking she’s gonna get a lawyer so she can marry her cousin and on the other thought Wow that’s pretty smart.  However after chatting with her a little further….

“Meg why do you need a lawyer?”

“He’s gonna be the one who marries us.”

“Oohhhh Meggers that’s not a lawyer that’s a pastor or a priest.”

“Mommy Mr. Nobody is going to be my priest and poof will be the pastor.”

Now how to break it to her 9 year old cousin Cameron?  Somehow I don’t think he’ll be


8 thoughts on “Meggers has legal representation…..

  1. I can’t believe Meggers is getting married so young and to her cousin! Did you explain to her that she’ll have to move to West Virginia to pull it off?


  2. hahaha that’s cute. and thinking about marriage at such an innocent age. LOL. yea, boys don’t dig this kinda thing. i remembered my brother’s refusal to pretend play with me as his wife. hahaha.


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