All I got for my anniversary was this stinkin' hair net.

From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.

Author Unknown

I’m proud to say our 8th wedding Anniversary was this past Wednesday.  We planned to go to Meggers school and attend her field trip after which we’d grab a nice lunch before we headed back to the school to pick her up. 

So we headed out to Pizza hut, our first stop on Meggers field trip, where we played a pizza game


and Meggers had fun making pizza with her friends.


Our next stop on the trip was Publix.  The kids excited and anxious lined up outside, we were met by two ladies from the store who informed us the kids would have to wear hair nets.


I was giggling away at how cute Meggers looked until….. the ladies handed Erich and I both a hair net and said “EVERYONE” had to wear one. 


Cute huh!  That’s all you’re getting and hubby threatened bodily harm if I posted his We went through the entire store like this and of course ran into a few friends who got a giggle at our expense.

The important thing is Meggers was able to sport the hair net and look super cute doing it. 


 She was also able to challenge and overcome her newly found fear of walk in freezers, here she is celebrating with friends right after entering the Milk freezer.


Here she is picking out which ice cream she wants braving the ice cream freezer.


We got to see how the pharmacy, meat dept., Bakery, trash compactor, and other areas of publix work and Meggers loved that we were there with her.

The field trip ran long so we weren’t able to go out for lunch, but we both agreed spending the day with Meggers and getting to keep our snazzy hair nets was way more fun.

Although occassionally I want to cause hubby bodily harm, I wouldn’t trade him for the world well maybe for a celebrity or two.  Hubby and I have been through a lot in the ten years we’ve been together and we’ve learned to appreciate all the little things in life.   Our life is not perfect and we’ve definitely had our ups and downs, but when it comes to what counts we’re each others rock.  We can still make each other laugh and we’re best friends who know each others deepest secrets.  I can honestly say we are as much in love now as we were when we said I do. 


9 thoughts on “All I got for my anniversary was this stinkin' hair net.

  1. Happy Anniversary! The hairnet on Meggers is adorable. Who knew anyone had a fear of walk-in freezers?!? I remember going on that same exact field trip to Publix when I was her age. Fun stuff!


  2. Halfasgood ~ Thanks! I think it was the big metal doors and fear of what’s inside? She just got spooked and didn’t want anything to do with the freezers at first. But she overcame it all by herself, wel… with a little coaching from mom and dad. :o)


  3. Aw Happy Anniversary love!! Even though a perfect world would mean lots of “alone time” with each other, spending time with the person you created together is even more special.

    And of course she’s beautiful with the hair net on! But I’m jealous, because I never got to take a field trip like that! Maybe I can sneak on as a chaperone when/if one of mine gets to. lol


  4. Thanks everyone for wishing us a Happy Anniversary! It was definitely a fun day! We really rocked the hair nets, they might even make a comeback and become a new fad we could sell ’em in hot pink, no? Okay maybe


  5. I think a hot pink hair net would be awesome! Or maybe different colors – wearer’s pick?? I am glad you had a Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are so lovely in your wedding pics!!


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