Okay here goes I tagged myself  got tagged over at 4 frogs to list eight more fun facts about myself and I know how much you want to stab yourself in the eye with a pencil when you hear the word memelooooove Meme’s so if your reading this consider yourself tagged yep that includes you Sammanthia, goodfather, spriteskeeper, halfasgood, krystal, wenders don’t make me come over to your blog, you know I will (grin).  So here goes…..

1.  I love being silly and making people laugh.  Last night I had a small get together, a girls night of facials, yummy treats and lots of wine (will post later still trying to obtain written consent to post pics) very fun night.

2.  I was born on Ground Hog’s day and yes I’ve seen and love the movie.

3.  I love to curl up next to My hubby and Meggers and watch movies with a big bowl of popcorn.

4.  I’ve always wanted to dye my hair Katie Holmes brown, but am terrified that I wont like it and when I try to dye it back it’ll go Carrot Top orange.  Yikes!

5.  My best friend  Samantha in the UK and I used to always pretend we were Ewoks and go on adventures near our houses.  Did I mention we lived opposite a grave yard (lots of spooky adventures to be had).

6.  I used to live opposite a grave yard, we would walk through it to get home from school.  My friends and i used to sit in the grass and make daisy chains during the day and dare each other to walk through it at night.

7.  I once fell in a patch of nettles trying to climb on the school roof with my brothers.  I had to soak in a bath of oatmeal for what seemed like FOREVER to get the stinging to stop (later learned that dock leaves with take the stinging right out).

8.  I love reading fun facts about my bloggy friends and getting comments on my blog so consider yourself tagged and leave me a comment with a link so I can come over and stalk you read about you.

Okay #8 was a shameless way to try and get you to Meme with me so here’s another fun fact…

I LOVE Disco!  Put on some Barry Gibb or Donna Summer and I’ll spin around the dance floor.  I turn into a drag queen when Alecia Bridges I Love The Night Life (Disco ’round) comes on.  Go on boogie on down you know you want to.   Okay I promise no more YouTube videos for at least a week. ~grin~

9 thoughts on “Meme-licous!

  1. Ewoks – what fun! We played in the “Hot Lava Pit” when I was growing up :0)

    Thanks for Playing! I’m adding your link right now :0)

    The gymnastics meet went well. Diva felt robbed on a couple of scores, but she still qualifies for State, so it’s all good. She took 6th in her age / level.


  2. I like being silly and getting comments too. Also, being tagged. Thanks for the tag (even if you crossed it out), I’ll work on this later in the week…


  3. There are no fun facts about me. Or silly facts. Or boring facts. No, cross that. PLENTY of boring facts.
    I remember okaying “V” when I was smaller. Does anyone else remember that show? It was a hit for maybe two years, I never got to see it, but somehow knew enough of the characters to make believe I was one.


  4. Frogs Mom ~ Ooo she’s qualifying for State she should be really proud of herself. 6th is Fantastic! Now about that Hot Lava Pit??? LOL You’ll have to elaborate.

    Halfasgood ~ Your Welcome! I look forward to reading it.

    Sprite ~ I remember V! Their skin would peel off and they were those green creatures underneath. LOVED that show! Mark Singer from “Beast Master” was the main dude right? Didn’t they eat rats or something? lol


  5. Memed! Awesomesauce!

    OK, I’m taking you up on it, I’ll post my 8 fun things about myself tonight.

    I love ‘Groundhog’s Day’! Bill Murray is one of my all-time favorite actors.


  6. Have you ever been to Punxy? Seriously, there is a groundhog on every corner there. It is like being in the Twilight Zone. My husband interviewed for a job there before he was my husband. Oooh, there is a story there too. I drove four hours with him to Punxy and wow it was a journey. I really need to blog about that I guess. 🙂 It would be worth a laugh.

    Anyhow…I should do one of these sometime.


  7. I… can’t quite… make out… what that… striked out… part… says…

    Lol. I love #5 & #6, you could totally do brown, and once I fell in a pond. It was cold. I was 8. It sucked. hehe.


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