Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night….

So I had a few of my favorite girlies over for a night of fun and relaxation.  I put together a few munchies and purchased some wine and we started our journey back to youth facials.

While some of us dove into the anti wrinkle, toning, tightening, tucking, and anything else you can do, day and night creams.


Others relaxed with a glass of Pinot Grigio and indulged in the fine cuisine.


Everyone looked FANTASTIC after their facials! No seriously they looked very Hollywood. Don’t believe me? Check out their before and afters.

The first is my sister Isobel, doesn’t she look fabulous! (We giggled about her Something About Mary hair style in her before pic).

 isobel-girls-night   isobel-girls-night-2

The second is my best friend Rachel who also looked amazing.

rachel-girls-night1   rachel-girls-night-2

My sister couldn’t really use the products because she has ultra sensitive skin, but she doesn’t really need a facial anyway because she’s gorgeous.


So why the hell did I come out looking like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain. Sigh!!!

kirst    little_britain_narrowweb__300x4310

Ach well we can’t all be beauty queens. ~Grin~ 

12 thoughts on “Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night….

  1. Those photos are great and no you do not look like Vicky Pollard! Geez, louise, girl! Stop it.

    I so want to do a girl party. Is it bad I only have like one friend though? *sigh*


  2. Awesome pictures, you guys look like you had fun! Can you get me the name of that makeup artist? I want to look that good…


  3. Okay, I totally need to know what products your best friend Rachel used – that after picture is what I strive to achieve but instead come out looking like Oscar the Grouch!


  4. That was SO much fun!!!! I love our before and after pics, but yours is a little off! I wish we could do smoky eyes but I’m sure we will find another reason to get together and party, Michelle will have to make the next one.


  5. Good Father ~grin~ We totally had a great night.

    Kaz ~ You likey! lol

    Sprite ~ to hollywood for the queen bee? I saw your tiarra me thinks not. :o)

    Johnny Mommy ~ If you have one friend it’s a party. Sometimes it’s just me and Rachel and we have a blast.

    Halfasgood ~ It was a really fun night. The make up artist is very exclusive, I’ll email her name to you but keep it on the QT.

    Krystal ~ Oscar the grouch is cute! ~wink~ lol Lot’s of air brushing and photo shopping involved.

    Organic ~ You know you don’t need a reason to come to my house you’re always welcome, Meggers and I love our little sleep overs.


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