Turkey and gravy and boogers oh my!

WE went to my daughter’s Thanksgiving Day Lunch at school.  Meghan’s teacher told us all the kids had worked hard to prepare the feast for us.  As I took my first bite of Turkey, I closed my eyes and tried very hard not to pay any attention to the child picking his nose, praying he’d made the deviled eggs I’d passed up on the buffet.

 The principal was making her rounds and taking pictures of each family to embarass us at the end of year slideshow no doubt, she made her way to our table and I told her hubby was at the dessert table, to which she replied she’d wait for him to get back before taking our picture.  When Daddy returned with a heaping plate of Pumpkin Pie and Redi Whip the principal returned to take our photo. 

We were a little spread out so I thought I’ll move over one chair, that way Daddy and Grandpop would be on either side of Me and it would make for a nicer picture.  Meggers was in my lap and I began to slide over….

Daddy, not clued into what I was doing, pulled the seat out I was transitioning to and I ended up on the floor with Meggers still neatly in my lap (thank goodness I wasn’t wearing a skirt or the whole table would’ve had a show and some kindergarteners would’ve gotten an early lesson in anatomy).  I was super embarrassed and the principal was still waiting at this point to take our picture. 

My hubby thought the whole scene was hillarious.  I shot him the look, hoping little beams would shoot out of my eyes and make him go *Poof*.  I was semi giggling so the look wasn’t having it’s usual affect and all I could think in that moment was… I hope the booger picker made the pie hubby was wolfing down while laughing at my expense.

Meggers was super excited that Grandpop, Daddy and I had come to her celebration even if we did embarass her with our chair acrobatics. I have to say the kids did a great job cooking with the help of some of the parents and it was a fun day.  Here’s a few photo’s of some of the things Meggers made….


Ooooo how’d that picture of me get in there?  I have no shame.


8 thoughts on “Turkey and gravy and boogers oh my!

  1. Where’s the picture of you on the floor!? That is hilarious. Diva calls boogers pickles and what Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete with a gherkin or two?


  2. Debbie ~ I’ll never look at a pickle the same way again..lol I was a bit pre occupied with saving my dignity to take a pic, next time. ~grin~

    Sprite ~ Thanks! The picture Meg drew was actually a baby’s head that slid into a papoose she could wear on her back like an indian mother. Oooo or did you mean me and my self portrait dwarling? Mwah right back at you. lol


  3. someone did that chair thing to me eons ago and being very young and hot-blooded, i screamed and cursed the person till i felt better hehehe…if it were to happen now, i guess i’ll just smile.


  4. I hope the kid with the finger up his nose made your husband’s pie too! how mean!

    But still something funny and I know it would have been me that would have happened to had I been there!

    looks like a great day and how sweet you all were able to go!


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