It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Sleigh bells ring are ya listening?  Christmas is our favorite time of the year and Meggers, Daddy and I have spent the last two weeks getting decorations down, doing crafts and decorating for Christmas.

First Aunty Isobel who is way more crazy than I am about Christmas and starts decorating in October came over as she does every year to help Meggers decorate her Christmas Tree.  Of course she came with a new Hello Kitty ornament that made it’s home front and center of Megs tree.

Meggers and I made the snowflakes around the top of her tree courtesy of Martha Stewart and we bought a few extra, using a little fishing wire and a stapler to make it look like snowflakes were falling in her room.  Meg also made a Christmas link chain, a little Christmas tree, and a reindeer for her dresser.  When we were done Meggers room was turned into her own little Winter Wonderland.


Next we moved on to our Kitchen Nook!  Every year we wrap all our pictures like presents without any problems.  We had our first Christmas casualty this year. 

Daddy was helping me wrap the bigger pictures and we were working so well together, everything was flowing perfectly ~cue Disney music~ until……. 

Daddy was holding the ribbon spool and told me to cut here and I obeyed.  Did I say I have very blunt scissors?  I thought they weren’t cutting so I added some pressure which is when daddy yelled Aaaaarrrrgggghh  STOP!  Apparently the scissors weren’t blunt, I had cut through the top of Daddy’s finger.  Oooops! 

With a little giggling, a little guilt, a little kiss from Meggers and a cute Dora bandaid Daddy’s thumb was good as new!  Well, minus the slice in the tip courtesy of Mommy.


Here’s the kitchen nook!  I ran out of snowflakes which I usually put above the kitchen table (will pick ’em up tomorrow).


Our table center piece consists of a snowman family.  Meggers picked them out, the left one is Daddy, the right Mommy, and Meggers is tucked behind the Peace sign.


Next our Christmas tree and stockings.  Meggers helped me decorate the tree and as always we topped it with Tinkerbell.


Here’s the table by my door, I haven’t quite finished it yet.  Yep! You guessed right it’s missing snowflakes and some greenery but it’s getting there.  So we’re almost ready for Christmas all we have to do now is get a few extra snowflakes and finish a little bit of Christmas shopping.


We have a few other Christmas traditions like baking oatmeal cookies, traking Santa on Christmas Eve and our advent calendar countdown, where Meghan gets a chocolate for each day in December leading up to Christmas and finally Christmas wouldn’t be complete without making reindeer food and setting out milk and cookies for Santa. 

What are some of your Christmas/Holiday Traditions?  When do you decorate? Do you decorate early?  Do you take forever to take your tree down?

10 thoughts on “It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

  1. You are BRILLIANT! I’ve never heard of wrapping pictures to make them look like Christmas presents… I’m on it!
    I love your house in all of its Martha Stewartishness… it’s making me feel the need to clean something. I know, I’m weird like that. One post and my OCD returns after having been gone for the past 5 days. I thought the flu had cured me.


  2. Sam ~ LOL The picture wrapping is something I used to do at the Retirement Home my mom owned, it kept us in budget and still looked awesome. You can get really elaborate with shiny papers and bows. I let Meggers choose the paper this year and of course Mickey and Frosty overode any glitzy paper I

    PS If the tree had eyes it would see an ungodly pile of laundry covering the ottoman, Sofa and trailing into the laundry area where Meggers and Daisy thought it’d be cool to turn the laundry into a snow storm. The cleanlyness is all in the Camera angle. ~grin~


  3. Wow, you’re way ahead of the game! We did a small tree last year since Graham was just starting to walk… we put it up on a table that he couldn’t reach. This year I’m still deciding if we’re going to decorate. We might get a small tree and put a gate around it. Once the kids are old enough NOT to destroy, we’ll go all out. Your house looks great!


  4. Yowza! You are READY, heheh. Your house looks beautiful – I’m also taking a page out of the Martha Stewart handbook for our turkey recipe tonight – the wine-butter-cheesecloth trick. Mmmmmm.

    Love your decorations. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  5. It looks awesome! I can’t wait to come over and see it. Too bad Kaya will be giving me dirty looks because we haven’t gotten anything out yet!


  6. I am so totally j ealous that you have a Husband that will let you go all out for Christmas!!! I would so totally be there with you for that but alas, my Husband hates anything that has to do with holidays or birthdays or anything that ends in “day” for that matter – what a scrooge!


  7. Your house looks great!! I think we are decorating tonight because the rest of the month is BUSY!! Here, if you decorate too early, the Angry Pilgrim comes and takes all your decorations down. He puts them back up the day after Thanksgiving, though, just as you had them. LOL – it is something a DJ on the radio does…I admire your enthusiasm! I wish I had more of it!!


  8. Your house looks amazing! It inspires me to do mine up! Too bad I’m on the other side of the state. By the time I get home, I’ll be more interested in sleeping and by the time I work up the strength, it will be next year..
    Good job to you though!


  9. WOW, it all looks awesome, I love your tree, beautiful colours and of course, ADORE the Tinkerbell Fairy on top. Meg’s bedroom looks so pretty, wish I could have had a Christmas tree in my bedroom when I was a little girl, infact, I wish I could have a tree in my bedroom now!!!!! PS I’ve got my decorations up, not as good as yours, but they’re up…………… my tree has tinsel on it (I duck as you throw things at me), can’t help it, I love the old tinsel!!!! (I also wish coloured lights would come back into fashion).


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