Thank You Oh Great Tom The Turkey

So the “Spin Cycle” from she that is Mighty Sprite’s Keeper, who has her own shrine over at Goodfather.  I am extremely jealous.  Where does he get those big candles?  I think I might have to make a call to NASA I don’t think he’s human? Those huge shrines he’s making in his back yard,  they’re really communication devices, I know I’ve seen E.T.  But I digress back to the Spin Cycle…. 

Sprite’s spin is all about what we’re thankful for today.  Hmmm…. Well I’m thankful for the usual stuff that everyone else is thankful for like friends, family, health, happiness, roof over our head, food on the table,   bloggin’, etc. 

But do you wanna know what I’m really thankful for? Huh! Do ya?

Alright! Go on then I’ll tell ya. 

The return of New Kids On The Block!


Yep that’s right I said it.  I was Hangin’ Tough with da boyz back in the day (that somehow didn’t sound right)!   They were one of my first concerts along with U2 and Fleetwood Mac (had to throw those two in there so you know I had a varied taste in music).   But Seriously have you seen these boyz lately?  I mean seriously!  The years have been kind, hubba hubba…


But I wasn’t all manic about the group it’s not like I had my own scrap book or anything?



Oh… Um well maybe I had a scrap book but you have to remember it was back in the day when I also used to think half shirts were cool too.  That’s me and my gran at Disney or Universal can’t remember which? 


 I had a tween girl crush on Jonathan Knight!  Eeeee the good ol’ days of pubescent love right!  I thought he was really cute.


Then the group split!

Noooooooo, Please don’t go “boooys” (you’d totally get that if you were a NKOTB fan).  What will I do without Jordan’s falsetto, Joey’s cuteness, Donnie’s tough image, Danny, and Jonathan, don’t take my Jonathan!  I finally came to terms with the group split and moved on to Vanilla Ice and Mariah Carey. :o)

 I was sad but Jonathan resurfaced on Oprah to talk about his fight with Anxiety.  At the time I had been dealing with anxiety/panic attacks so it was kind of nice  and comforting to see someone I grew up listening to talking about it.

Anyway, so that is what I’m thankful for, The return of New Kids On The Block!  Thank You Oh Great Tom The Turkey for giving me back my NKOTB.  (note to self:  Need to appologize to Good Father for Alien comment, maybe he’ll make me a NKOTB shrine I can post on my blog ~grin~)

11 thoughts on “Thank You Oh Great Tom The Turkey


    Okay well, yeah, so totally glad that NKOTB is back – I used to have their sleeping bag!!!! Oh and Jonathan was so totally mine too!! I really hated Tiffany when I heard they were together.


  2. Krystal ~ Ummm back off sista he’s You and I have soooo much in common it’s ridiculous. I turned on Tiffany when she dated Jonathan and Debbie Gibson too. I wasn’t gonna admit this but I soooo totally had a NKOTB Birthday Party…lol


  3. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
    I was a Jon fan too!!!!
    My sister was a Joey fan, but Jon was HAWT.
    I’m sorry to say I haven’t been paying too much attention to their comeback (I haven’t even heard their comeback song (shame!!) ), but will now force John (my John) to download it.
    You know, come to think of it, Jon may be the reason I married a John…
    You’re linked!


  4. LOL – I loved Jordan! My room was wallpapered in posters! I was excited to see them return as well but the only time they were in Chicago was last month while I was in Toronto!! Poor me! Great post!


  5. Heheh, I guess I can still like you knowing you’re into NKOTB but it’ll be hard. My middle school had a competition to bring pennies in and whichever school raised the most had a NKOTB concert. We narrowly missed out and I was secretly upset…


  6. I loved Joey, thought Donnie was gross and in later years decided Jordan was a first class pervert based on some of those songs he put out!

    To be honest, I was huge into them back then. no scrapbook, but pins, hats, t-shirts and the autobiography, along with all of the albums. Oh, oh…don’t you know it’s true…..

    I was so. very. sad.


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