I Want A Baby Sister….

Meggers:  Maybe you could be my baby sister?  Peek-a-boo! MOMMY I want a baby sister!  I could call her Layla!

Emma:  Heh! You’re pretty funny, but I’m your cousin I can’t be your sister.  Go on do the eye cover thing again hee hee.


Mommy:  Mmmmmmm Meggers look what Mom moms cooked there’s Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cheesy cauliflower, squash… Doesn’t it look YUMMY!


Meggers:  Yep you’re perfect!  Maybe I could put you in my Mommy’s belly and then you could be my baby sister.

Cousin Emma:  Huh?  What?  Hey you!  Yeah you with the camera are you hearing this?


Mommy:  (Still trying to change the subject)  Meggers look at the Black Forest Gateau Cake and the Banofy.  YUM!

img_14381    img_1440

Meggers:  Hmmm Let’s see if I can rope in daddy with a game of peek-a-boo.

Cousin Emma:  Oh boy he’s really falling for it.  SUCKA!  I know I’m cute but this is pathetic.


Cousin Emma:  Yep you’ve been reeled in hook, line and sinker.


Meggers:  Yep daddy’s convinced, now to work on Mommy!

Daddy:  Honey she is kind of cute, don’t you want one of these?

Cousin Emma:  Heh, I am cute.  You can’t have me, but it would be kind of cool to have someone younger I could pick on… I mean play with.  Come on I’ve got two older brothers throw me a bone here.


Meggers:  Happy Thanksgiving!  The Daddy makes the food.  We come to Mom moms for dinner.  I want a babby sister.  The End!


Daddy:  24, 36, hut, hut….

Meggers:  Dang it Daddy this is why I don’t have a baby sister.  Sigh!

Cousin Emma:  Yep you blew it dude. 


 Meggers:  Now I’ve gotta start all over.  I love you mommy!

Mommy:  I love you too!  I’ll think about it…..


11 thoughts on “I Want A Baby Sister….

  1. That is just too cute. She looks so smitten!
    I get that from my boys all the time too. I want a baby sister! Well, ya gotta take it up with the Man upstairs kids! 😉


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  3. Eeeeh, I don’t know Kirsty! She’ll have signs all over th house saying “No Babies Allowed” if you do give her a baby sister! Logan is still recovering from the trauma!

    BTW, is she still going to call it Hannah Montana?


  4. I say do it! If not, you can always send Meggers over to my house to get her fix… she can have a brother AND a sister. Good luck not giving in…


  5. I’m with Casey – I say go for it, if not, you have a few houses in Fla. to choose from with sibling options.

    But she would make such a cute big sister!! I can just picture her in the “I’m the big sister” T-shirt!


  6. Meggers, there is a saying. Be careful what you wish for. My oldest would warn you that you can give your cousin back to your aunt, but a sister is yours forever! Oh but they can be fun and would give mommy a break. And, when you grow up she’ll be your best friend. (Hopefully) Yeah, I say keep working on mommy.


  7. She’s convincing isn’t she? What is she gets a younger brother and then he wants to tag along behind her all the time and cramps her style when she’s a teenager. She won’t like that very much will she? 🙂

    This was an awesome photo series and comments. I loved it!

    I agree though…what the heck with the football stuff. Hubby does this too!


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