Horton Hides A Turkey…

Right before Thanksgiving Meggers teacher sent home a turkey that we had to color and make a disguise for, so that it wouldn’t end up as someones thanksgiving dinner.  So while Meggers colored the turkey we discussed different disguises that we could make.  Meggers finally settled on an elephant. 

“An elephant Meg?”


“Umm.. Okay”

So after thinking about it for a few minutes, I drew the shapes and had Megcut them  out.  We went along the edges with glue, Meg sprinkled glitter and it actually turned out really cute don’t cha think….



This morning we were kidding with Meggers and as always she was believing everything we said (she doesn’t quite get sarcasm yet).  I can’t quite remeber what we were talking about but this part of the conversation was kind of funny or at least we thought so…

Mommy:  Meg don’t be so gulable.

Meg: No mommy it’s gobble, gobble, gobble.

Hubby and I laughed and talked about the time Meggers made a similar funny while talking about daddy’s hair tuning white on a Meggers and Daddy Day outing.

5 thoughts on “Horton Hides A Turkey…

  1. second!! YAY!!! This is so awesome!!

    Okay, I should have gone to your house when we had to do this project for Princess. She decided to hide hers though as JoJo the Clown – very cute – we downloaded pic off the net, she colored it and voila! Tom Turkey is now Jo Jo at the Circus!


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