The Helping Hands Project

Goodfather’s friend Thistle came up with a great idea to

create an award that encourages people to contribute.  She’s calling it the ‘Helping Hands Project’, and you can see it on her site.  I’ve copied the award badges and rules so you can see them here, but please go to her site and check it out.  Thistle is an amazing blogger – she writes incredible posts about Canadian politics and sports, and often puts up hilarious pictures of animals.

The Helping Hands Project

The Rules

1.  Choose some way to give back.  Here’s a few ideas….

  • donate to the foodbank
  • donate coats and blankets to a homeless shelter
  • support a craft or bake sale that is in support of your local arts program or senior’s centre
  • give a bag of cat litter or dog food to you favourite animal shelter
  • donate blood
  • throw your change in the Christmas Kettle as you’re going past
  • volunteer to man the Christmas kettle
  • make a new year’s resolution to volunteer some time next year to coach a kid’s T-ball team or a Special Olympics sport
  • have  a toy drive at school
  • get a re-usable shopping bag

I’m sure you’re full of ideas of your own.  Maybe make it a family commitment, It’s never too early or too late for kids to learn community involvement or the spirit of giving.

Now here’s the award…

Badge #1

Badge #1

Or this one…

Badge #2

Badge #2

2.   Tell us all about it, post it on your blog.  Then come back and pick up  your award.  Choose one badge  or the other, or both if you’re really in the spirit.  And don’t forget to link back here so we can follow what everyone is doing.   And if you’re already doing one or all of the above, pick up your badge right this minute!

3.  Challenge all visitors to your site to do the same.  Link back to the blog where you received the idea. And let’s see where this can go.

We try to give back a little all year long… The Epilepsy foundation is close to our hearts, the make a wish foundation, our local veterans, we’ve done fundraisers in the past for the Humane Society, purchased the pre-packaged food at publix and everytime I have change Meggers puts it in the kettle.

Some other ideas might be to volunteer in a soup kitchen, become a big brother/sister, donate some of your stuffed toys to the local Fire Department or Police Station, they use them to make trips less scary for children.  I think this is a great idea let’s help make it spread.

3 thoughts on “The Helping Hands Project

  1. It IS a great idea, I plan on writing something up on it too. Hey, when you said become a big brother/sister, were you talking about Meggers getting a sibling? I didn’t think so but it was worth a shot. Meggers slipped me a $20 to help wear you down.


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