All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth…


Perfect timing! Meggers very wobbly front tooth finally fell out and now she looks like my Cousin Archie who lost his front teeth playing Rugby (wish I had a picture to share, that would be funny).
We tried to talk her into letting us pull it out but she wouldn’t give.  Here she is telling daddy and I “NEVER”.


Who could blame her after the pre-emptive pull of her first loose tooth earlier this year.  

 Daddy thought if he told her she looked like a Jack-o-lantern that she might let him pull it out, but she just thought that was cool.



This will make tooth number 5.  We’ve told her if she keeps loosing her teeth at this rate she’s gonna break the Tooth Fairy Bank.

PS.  Have you noticed that it’s snowing on my blog!  If I can’t have snow here at home by golly I’ll have it on my blog.  Thanks WordPress!

6 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth…

  1. FIRST!!! Way too cute!! Princess is on the verge of losing tooth #3. Oh yeah, I saw the snow -freaked me out at first, thought I was going crazy seeing things that weren’t there but m mind clicked it all together. LOL


  2. That is cute. My 6 year old niece is going through this too. Love the snow! That’s one thing I miss about WordPress! Of course, I get the real stuff too.


  3. Awesome, she’s adorable without front teeth. We’re not quite to the teeth-pulling stage yet, but we’ll get there, heh.

    Love the snow!! I wonder if they have a rain/slush version of the plug-in for where I live…


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