Sleepover Continued….

Meggers couldn’t wait for it to get dark so she could show Kaya how  her Daddy had decorated the house for Christmas.  She flipped the switch and pointed out all the different lights and they both watched our pengiun on it’s igloo slowly inflate.


 Our Cute Christmas Lights (sorry it’s a little dark)!



It was such a nice night we sat out for a little bit and had a giggle or two with the girls. Please pay no attention to my reeeeally bad hair, seriously need to get those roots taken care

s5030023  s5030025

Once the girls were done with the lights we thought it would be fun to go inside and have a little treat, the girls decided they wanted to make  mini ice cream cones with sprinkles. Yum!


I chased them around the house for a few more cute pics

s5030027 s5030029

Made them tidy their mess


Bathed and put them to bed, where they giggle a bit more before falling asleep.


8 thoughts on “Sleepover Continued….

  1. Looks like fun! I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for sleepovers, they have cousins their age and it’ll be so much fun!


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