Meggers Christmas Morning

This is for my mum over in Scotland some of the videos I tried to upload were taking to long so here are two short ones.  I’ll try and get one of the others uploaded for you later.  I love you!  Miss You!  Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Meggers Christmas Morning

  1. That is the coolest pony ever! As long as it doesn’t poop,I may want one for myself, I mean Sprite..
    Merry Christmas, Kirst and family!


  2. I had to cheat and watch it without sound (or wake the one kid who IS sleeping) but that pony looks awesome. It’s kind of freaking me out how real it looks! Meggers is adorable and I’m glad she had a nice Xmas!


  3. Meggers is sooooo cute! Our three-year-old got a pony for Christmas from her Grandma too, but it just stands there, it doesn’t eat carrots and move it’s head (that’s very cool!).

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas!


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