T’was The Night Before Christmas….

He has to work Christmas Eve?

I was in a bit of a panic about Christmas Eve as hubby had to work that morning and we were having his family over for our annual Christmas Eve dinner.   I was worried he’d get stuck there and I’d be left to do everything.  However,  like the saint he is (I’m giggling here just in case you’re wondering) hubby kept his promise and was home with plenty of time to spare.

What’s Christmas without a bit of Drama?

Well it wasn’t really drama, when hubby walked through the door he had the phone to his ear and I could tell something was up.  His sister was feeling a little overwhelmed as she was having people over for Christmas Dinner and hadn’t got a lot done.  So I told hubby to tell her not to worry about it  if she could make it we’d love to have her,  but if she couldn’t we understood and would get together later.

They’re heeeere!

So the first to arrive, Meggers cousin Shadoe who she adores.  Of course she led him around the house to see all the decorations and her tree.  Shadoe made Meggers happy by making a big fuss about it all.

Then Mom moms and Pop pops (Erich’s mom and step dad) arrived with whipped parsnips and artichokes, rolls, and my favorite, The Chocolate Roll.  Yum!

We all chatted for a bit and worked together setting the table and getting the food prepared for the table.


   The Food!

Our Christmas Eve Dinner was perfect!  We had Prime Rib, Mushroom Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli Stuffed Tomato Cups, and Whipped Parsnips with Artichokes.  Hubby’s Prime Rib was AWESOME, definitely the best I’ve had in a long time! 

After Dinner

Once all our tummy’s were full Shadoe and I pulled up NORAD on the Computer and found out Santa was in Portugal.  We grabbed the reindeer food and headed outside.  Meggers made sure she sprinkled the food all over the lawn and then dumped a neat little pile in front of our door.


 Meggers kept asking when Santa would come?  Mom moms said she wasn’t in bed so Santa wouldn’t come yet.  Meggers put her finger to her mouth like she was processing what Mom moms had said.  Then decided it was time to get in her PJ’s and go to bed.  We put out the milk and cookies and Meggers hopped into bed and fell asleep.


Santa’s Visit

Once Meggers was asleep for a little bit Santa made his appearance along with his trusty reindeer (Okay so that’s really our Crazy Daisy dressed up as a trusty reindeer, but go with me on this).


Santa started filling stockings, putting presents under the tree and putting toys together, but what Santa forgot, being he’s so busy and all, were batteries!  Crap!  Now who’s gonna go out at Midnight for batteries? 

Mrs. Claus lost the coin toss and headed to  CVS around the corner thinking she’d be in and out because it was.. well.. midnight.  WRONG!  There were like 50 cars in the parking lot.  Inside CVS the line was about twenty people long.  Apparently we weren’t the only family that forgot batteries, which in turn is probably the reason I paid $18 for six batteries.  Sheesh!  Anyway, Santa’s delivery was saved by Mrs. Claus and everything was set for Christmas morning.


10 thoughts on “T’was The Night Before Christmas….

  1. SK is right, that does look like a great feast. I think I’m closer and I could get there faster….

    We have the same Pier One dishes… that’s too funny! Also, I think Daisy and my dog could be twins… maybe they are?!?

    Glad you had a great Xmas Eve.


  2. Oh my gosh, is that Buttercup? My niece would be soo jealous. She’s asked for that horse for several years and Santa will not bring it to her!


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