Back Breaking Work… Literally!

First let me throw a little linky love to Boondock Ramblings , why you say?  Well because I feel extremely guilty that somehow her blog was erased from my google reader (have about 9 posts to catch up on).  So go check her out!


Not yet you’ve got a little more reading here to do.  Anyhoo back to me, because ya know I’m a bit selfish that way. ~grin~

Today I’m laying  in bed, not because I’m having a lazy day, because I threw out my back yesterday and as much as I’d like to say I did it doing something naughty (which would totally be blog worthy ~wink~), I must confess it happened while cleaning up cat poop (something also blogable but not quite as scandalous).  That’s right I said it!  Cat Poop!  Let me explain…

While my mum’s been in Scotland and my brother in England we’ve been on Pet Patrol.  We even had  Dane (hubby’s moms dog) sleep over with Daisy while they went to St. Augustine over night.


So back to my back….  my mum does a lot of animal rescues, one of them being  Nubby cat, I think I’ve mentioned her before? 


She was found by one of my mums employees.  Her eyes weren’t even opened yet and some sick F$%& cut her front legs, back paw, and tail off with, according to the vet, a pair of  shears.  Pretty much left her for dead and my mum’s had her ever since. 

She’s a feisty little thing and gets around kind of like a Kangaroo, but can’t use a litter box on account of her front legs so my mum puts down pet pads for her. 

At night she sleeps in a play pen, her food, water and bed on one side and the pet pads on the other.   I was cleaning her play pen putting down new pads and letting her out for a bit when my back decided to pop and that was all she wrote. 

 So poop and pad in one hand and the other holding the edge of the play pen for dear life I asked Meggers to go get daddy.  He was out in the car with Daisy, we’d taken her to visit with the Emergency Vet who we’d adopted her from.  Meg came back in  “daddy said you have to go to him”

~big deep breath taken here~

 apparently he didn’t get the full message.  I told Meggers to go back out and tell daddy mommy’s  back went out.  I managed to make it to the trash can to discard the poop and daddy finally came in and helped lower me to the floor where I stayed while he finished taking car of the cats.  

Hubby cancelled his appointments and has been great helping me out with Meggers today.  She was a little worried about me as she’s never seen me in pain.  I told her mommy’s back pain is much like when you fall and skin your knee.   It hurts really bad at first and then it starts to heal it just takes a little while.  She wanted to know more so I made up a story about the skeleton, the nerves and the muscles…lol

First I tickled her arm and told her that the nerves were what sent messages to her brain to let her know she was being tickled.

Then I said the skeleton bones  in mommy’s back decided to pinch a nerve really hard which sent a message to her brain that said OOOOWWWWWWW my back hurts!

The muscles were the superheros that tightened up around the skeleton telling it you better let go of the nerve.

Once the skeleton started to let go, the muscle backed off and mommy’s back felt much better…lol  Meggers got a kick out of the story and wasn’t worried anymore.  

 My next post will be my 200th!  (insert Oooo’s and  aaaahhhhh’s here) I feel a giveaway coming on…..

11 thoughts on “Back Breaking Work… Literally!

  1. First off, you didn’t have to put a link up to me for that reason! 🙂 Thanks, but you didn’t have to. Second, ow! I’ve done similar things to my back and it is not fun at all. I know. It went out the other night, but not as bad as your back of course!

    Here is to a speedy recovery on that front!


  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry about your back! I’ve never had mine go out but I’m sure it’s the worst kind of pain. I hope you feel better soon.


  3. So sorry to hear about your back injury. It sounds agonizing. I’m a baby when I get a crick in my neck, much less my whole back in knots. That is one lucky kitty tho, I’m always amazed by the horrible things people do to animals. Poor baby.


  4. I am so sorry you through your back out. I’ve never done that, but I’ve had a bad neck and that was awful. I can’t imagine it being your back!

    Looking forward to post 200!


  5. have a good rest and speedy recovery to ya!!

    why do people have to torture animals in such a way??? i was looking at Nubby cat and wondering where is its front leg and was shocked when i continued reading about it. shears???? damn crazy guy!!!


  6. Sorry about your back. I hope it feels a little better by now.

    I’ve never thrown my back out but I imagine it would suck without wonderful help like it sounds like your husband was.

    Feel better soon!


  7. I’m outraged at the story of Nubby cat. Who would do that to any animal? Wow. So cool that your mum took her in.

    Sorry about your back! I hate it when my back ‘goes out’. It’s awful. I hope yours feels better soon.

    Happy New Year!


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